Over 200 guns, 3,000 bullets seized in Marsabit operation

Interior CS said disarmament will continue until about 3,000 firearms recovered

In Summary
  • More than 120 guns and 1,300 rounds of ammunition,among other crude weapons have been recovered from residents.
  • They were recovered in various areas in the month-long confiscation. It will go on until about 3,000 firearms recovered. 
Matiang'i taking tea with officers at KBC Rapid Defense Unit camp Marsabit on June 6.
CURFEW: Matiang'i taking tea with officers at KBC Rapid Defense Unit camp Marsabit on June 6.
Image: KPS

Security team have recovered more than 200 firearms and 3,000 bullets in Operation Rejesha Amani in Marsabit county, Interior CS Fred Matiang’i has said.

Four general-purpose machine guns and night M77 machine guns were recovered by multi-agency teams.

Others are combat AK-47 and G3 rifles.

Also recovered was ammunition for big guns, others used to kill big animals such as elephants, and bullets for smaller guns.

The operation was initiated last month following attacks that led to a bloodbath in the county for years.

While assessing the progress on Monday, Matiang’i said the operation will be reviewed and timelines extended to seize more illicit arms.

“We believe from intelligence there are more guns than the ones we have collected. We will review this operation when we have around 3,000 or so guns,” he said.

A chief and his assistant were among five people killed in a brazen bandit attack on April in Laisamis, indicating how ambush tit-for-tat attacks have become more daring.

“We are going to carry out a raft of other measures to ensure Marsabit remains peaceful…we don’t want temporary peace,” Matiang'i said.

The CS spoke at Marsabit police station, flanked by IG Hillary Mutyambai, Governor Mohamud Ali and other leaders.

The conflicts have been fuelled by politics and proximity to the border, among other challenges, the CS said.

He said investigations are underway to identify suspects linked to gun violence.

Matiang'i on May 31 extended the curfew for 30 days to enable the security operation to meet its targets.

“There shall be no public gatherings, processions or movement either alone or as a group during the period of the curfew except as has been permitted in writing by the Inspector General of the National Police Service,” he said in a special gazette notice.

Multi-agency teams are seizing guns used in attacks that have left dozens dead and thousands displaced.

Bernard Mbatha of GSU is the commander of Operation Rejesha Amani Marsabit aimed at restoring peace and security in the county and in neighbouring Isiolo.

Officials say the Marsabit operation has progressed according to the plans and police say there have been no attacks in the past two months.

More than 50 suspects are facing charges in connection with the illegal arms recoveries, killings and attacks.

The operation is being carried out by security teams from the GSU, the Rapid Deployment Unit, the Quick Response Unit, the AntiStock Theft Unit among others.

The operation started on May 2 before it was extended for another 30 days.

(Edited by V. Graham)

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