We'll crush you, Garissa clan militias told

Northeastern regional commissioner Ndalana holds meeting with elders to end skirmishes

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Administrator says four suspects have been arrested 

Northeastern regional commissioner Nicodemus Ndalana n his office in Garissa
UNHAPPY: Northeastern regional commissioner Nicodemus Ndalana n his office in Garissa


Northeastern regional commissioner Nicodemus Ndalana has warned clan militias in the region that they will be crushed by police.

Some 11 people have been killed in the past nine months by clan militias over land conflicts in Raya location within Garissa county.

The clan militias have been blamed for killings and terrorising of innocent civilians. They are also behind the theft of livestock.

Ndalana met elders from the two clans on Saturday and warned that the killings will not be accepted. He said the government will not sit back and watch people being butchered.

“We will not allow clan militias to operate in the area carrying out the criminal acts by harassing and maiming residents as if there is no government in place,” Ndalana said.

He was speaking to reporters after the meeting with elders.

Ndalana said he had ordered an operation where four suspects believed to be behind the killings have been arrested.

“We are tracking down the remaining militia and soon we shall catch up with them. We are also investigating the involvement of influential personalities with political ambitions who are believed to be behind the skirmishes,” the administrator said.

He warned those involved to stop adding that ‘the law will not consider your status in the society when we catch up with you.”

Ndalana said the problem has been fueled by outsiders using the militia to identify and forcefully fence off huge parcels of land. Whoever resists such grabbing is marked for killing.

Ndalana said the Abduwak clan has lost five people while their rival Aulian clan has lost six people over the land conflicts.

The regional commissioner said that during the meeting attended by his security team, the clan elders blamed the government for abdicating its duty of protecting lives and property of citizens.

He promised to ensure such killings do not happen again.

The administrator reiterated the need for the residents to volunteer information for immediate response.

The elders however claimed the police have all the information they require but those known criminals are still walking free and perpetuating criminal acts.

Ndalana said he will ensure the remaining militia members are apprehended and prosecuted.


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