Mandera pastoralists receive relief pellets for animals

On Monday, herders at Garissa livestock market expressed concern over low prices their animals are fetching

In Summary

• The drought has affected the body condition of the animals

•  Situation has forced residents to cross over to Ethiopia and Somalia in search of pasture.

A herder in Abdisamit village, Garissa county, gives his camels water
A herder in Abdisamit village, Garissa county, gives his camels water

Pastoralists from Mandera on Tuesday received over 10,000kg relief pellet supplements to feed their livestock as drought continues to ravage the area.

National Drought Management Authority coordinator Hussein Alió said the drought had affected the pastoralists' livelihoods and the government donation would improve the body condition of the animals.

Pastoralists from the seven subcounties benefitted.

“Drought has hit our region badly and it is the responsibility of the government to make sure that it comes to the aid of its people during times of need like now,” he said.

Although no deaths have been reported, the animals are in bad condition due to lack of rains in the last one year.

The situation has forced residents have crossed over to the neighboring Ethiopia and Somalia with their herds in search of pasture.

The migration has, in some instances, led to tension and even clashes. Last month, for instance, a Kenyan herder from Mandera was killed following a pasture dispute in Ethiopia.

On Monday, herders at the Garissa livestock market expressed their concern over the low prices their animals are fetching, which they attributed to the poor body condition.

Led by Mohamed Abdi, a businessman who transports animals from Garissa to Athi River for slaughter, said the last six months have been tough on them since some of the animals they take are either rejected or sold at a very low price.


“The current situation is very bad for us livestock farmers considering that they are our economic mainstay. We don’t think the two levels of government are doing enough to assist us,” Abdi said.