Lazy Wajir staff face the sack in new contracting measures

Governor Abdi expects all employees and senior officers to give value for money

In Summary

• County chief says execution, implementation, monitoring and reporting to start immediately

• Those who fail to comply will be shown the door

Wajir Health executive Abdihakim Noor and Governor Mohamed Abdi hold a performance contract document on Wednesday
TARGETS: Wajir Health executive Abdihakim Noor and Governor Mohamed Abdi hold a performance contract document on Wednesday

All Wajir employees will sign performance contracts in a move aimed at improving services by the county administration.

Governor Mohamed Abdi on Wednesday said the programme will be cascaded downwards in all departments and agencies to boost prudent use of resources.

He made the announcement as he took the first step towards realising the mission during an event in which executives led the way in signing performance contracts. But it will not end there. Abdi expects every employee to give value for the money they earn.

"Those who fail to comply will be shown the door. And those who meet set targets will be rewarded. Employees have free will, but they must be wary of the consequences," the governor said. 

The county administration has established a full-fledged Performance Contracting, Service Delivery and Project Implementation department. Abdi said it has clearly defined structures, mandate and functions. It is raring to go. 

Monitoring and evaluation by the department will start immediately a contract is signed. Both formative and summative reports will determine the fate of each employee. 

"With a performance contract out there for every employee, it'll be easy for us to gauge you. I'm sorry those who fail to deliver will only have themselves to blame," the county chief said.

"I want the performance contracting fully embedded in county activities."

The governor directed the department to provide his office and that of the county secretary with quarterly reports on the progress of the implementation and organise annual review and reward sessions.

He thanked their partners for offering support. 


"I want to commend AHADI and its sponsors for their timely support in walking with us through this journey. I appeal to you to continue with this partnership until the PCs are cascaded to the lowest units of the county," Abdi said. 

"We should immediately, going forward, develop the PCs between the chief officers and County Executive Committee members before the end of August to fast-track the remaining tasks."

Performance contract development is lengthy and entails a review of guidelines, identification of targets, pre-negotiations, and intra- or inter-sector hearings.

Additionally, it involves negotiations of performance targets, vetting, signing, implementation and execution of contracts, and monitoring and reporting. Other tasks include mid-year reviews and real-time evaluation. The county will be announcing the evaluation results.

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