Landlords, tenants clash as they don't know law

Board says landlords must respect tenants' rights

In Summary

•Landlords largely boycott meeting. 

•Board guidelines advise landlords, tenants on how to relate. 

A photo of rental houses
A photo of rental houses
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Garissa landlords were urged on Friday to respect the legal rights of their tenants.

Tenants have complained about rights violations by landlords, including forced evictions and locking of their houses without prior notice due to late rent payment.

Landlords in Northeastern have been urged to be alert to strangers and keep strict records of their tenants to safeguard security.

Landlords and Tenants Rent Restrictions Board vice chairperson Beatrice Mathenge said landlords should follow procedures in dealing with tenants. 

She addressed a meeting between landlords and tenants, 

It was largely boycotted by landlords.

Mathenge said the board has come up with a "fair playing ground" for both tenants and landlords. She said it is aligned to the Constitution that protects the rights of landlords.

She said both parties should always seek advice from the tribunal when they feel aggrieved. It has a Garissa office

Most of the landlords and their tenants are ignorant of the law, which has caused conflicts, Mathenge said.

“We have rules and regulations that not only protect landlords and tenants but also give guidelines on how some concerns by both parties can be amicably resolved,” she said.


The landlord has an obligation to maintain the premises in a state of good structural repair and condition suitable for human habitation, among others.

The tenant is obliged to pay rent in time as per the agreement and not to damage property, among other things. 

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