Muslims in Garissa pray for rain

NDMA said if the long rains don't come in two weeks, animals will start dying

In Summary

• Say the matter is beyond human understanding. 

• Situation at the north 'out of hand', leaders want it declared a national disaster. 

Muslims faithful pray for rain at the Rt General Mohamud Prayer Grounds yesterday
'NATIONAL DISASTER': Muslims faithful pray for rain at the Rt General Mohamud Prayer Grounds yesterday
Image: Stephen Astariko

Muslim clerics and worshippers are seeking divine intervention as the drought continues to ravage Northeastern. 

Hundreds of worshippers on Wednesday converged at various grounds to hold special prayers for rain.

The National Drought Management Authority in its latest report painted a bleak future, especially for livestock keepers.

It said if the April-May long rains don't come in two weeks, then animals will begin to die.

Speaking at RT General Mohamud Prayer Grounds in Garissa, Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims chairman Abdullahi Salat said they had resorted to prayers "since it is only God who can intervene at this critical time".

“We have come here today after realising that the drought situation was getting out of hand,” he said.

Sheikh Mahat Osman said that was not the first time they were converging to pray for rains.

“We are supposed to lead our faithful in seeking intervention in matters that are beyond human understanding,” he said. 

The clerics urged the county and national governments, as well as other stakeholders, to step up relief food distribution and water trucking so no Kenyan dies of hunger.

In Bura East town, Fafi constituency, Sheikh Siyat Ismail urged Muslims to remain steadfast in adhering to Islamic teachings "to get blessings from the Almighty". 


"It is at times of hardships and difficulty that we ought to go back to the Almighty, not politics," he said.

Garissa politicians have asked the national government to declare the drought a national disaster.

(Edited by R. Wamochie)