Uphold national values as future leaders, students urged

'Patriotism is key in upholding integrity'

In Summary

• The scholar urges parents to bring up upright children.

• Students told to value their motherland to be able to respect other people.

Garissa university college
Garissa university college
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Students have been urged to uphold national values to succeed in their careers.

University don Billow Khalid on Monday said national values are important in fighting anti-social vices such as corruption.

“When you don’t value or love your motherland, it’s difficult to respect the rights of others and promote national values. Patriotism is integral in upholding integrity,” Khalid said.

He was speaking at Garissa University.

The part-time lecturer and Maseno and Nairobi universities said it was important that national values are brought to the attention of the students for their own success and that of the country. 

With the advent of devolution, it is important that students and professionals take a leading role in promoting values, he said, adding that a society without values risks losing track. 

“We all know that youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Unfortunately, the same youth are not brought up with good values." 

“It is unfortunate that every day we read problems of ethics in the newspapers. I want to challenge parents, teachers-right from the lower classes, to inculcate good morals to our children so they grow in an upright manner,” he said. 

He called for an appreciation of the role of national values and career success.

Williman Owawa, a member of the Garissa University governing council, said it is important that students are moulded into value-based leaders. 

Owawa, who is also a professional management consultant in research training, urged learning institutions to prioritise good governance. 

Garissa university's head of career Noor Mohamed said parents and lecturers should advise and prepare their learners on the ever-changing labour market.

He said students end up pursuing the wrong courses because of being misadvised or making the wrong decisions. 

Student Stephen Okech said it is important for students and young aspiring leaders to be taught about integrity and character. 

He said they should lead from the front in fighting corruption noting that it was high time the unit be added in the syllabus right from primary level to the university. 

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