Teen shot dead, mom seriously injured in city home attack

He was shot at close range in the head while the mother was shot in the chin

In Summary

• James was shot in the head and died on the spot while the mother had a bullet wound in the chin.

• The gunman did not steal anything.

Crime scene
Crime scene
Image: The Star

Detectives are investigating the killing of a 19-year-old in a suspected robbery attempt in Umoja, Nairobi.

James Karuri was shot in the head at close range and died on the spot outside his home on Monday morning.

The attacker left his mother, Cecilia Karuri, 42, with a bullet wound in the chin.

She was admitted to hospital in stable but serious condition.

According to the police, Cecilia and her husband had attended a dowry ceremony in Nyeri that day.

They drove back to the city and arrived at Umoja late in the day.

The couple then decided to pass by a local joint for a drink before driving home at 2am.

On the way home, they had a quarrel and on arrival, the man went upstairs leaving his wife outside.

It was then James inquired about his mother and the father told him she was outside.

James's sister told the police she and her brother went downstairs and found their mother shivering in the cold.

Cecilia told them she did not want to enter the house as she had differed with their father.

They called their elder sister who was away to talk to her.

At one point, James asked his sister to go into the house and get his mobile phone.

“The girl said it was cold and the mother was covering herself using a Maasai leso as they begged her to get into the house,” a police officer who attended the scene said.

As the girl entered the house, she heard gunshots from outside.

On rushing back, she saw a man holding a gun before he vanished into the darkness.

The gunman did not steal anything.

Nairobi police boss James Mugera said they have not yet established a motive.

He however believes the attacker was an opportunistic thug who panicked, pulled the trigger and escaped without stealing anything from the victims.

“Unless we find new issues for now, it seems to be an opportunistic attack. But our teams are on the ground pursuing the matter,” he said.

Police were called to the scene and took the body to the mortuary while the woman was admitted to hospital.

Two spent cartridges were recovered from the scene. Police said they will be subjected to ballistics analysis as part of investigations.

Residents said they had earlier been confronted by a man with a gun whom they believe was behind the shooting of mother and son.

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