Leaving Nairobi for Isiolo wasn't easy, says Guyo

Governor aspirant to promote equal sharing of resources among all Isiolo communities

In Summary

• After one term, Isiolo Governor Kuti to step down, endorses Guyo who was going to run for Embakasi Central MP. 

• Early this year, it was reported that more than 120,000 people in Isiolo county need food due to the drought for the next four months. 

MatopeniMCA Abdi Guyo, endorsed to vie for Embakasi Central MP, gets blessings from elders on January 28
GO FOR ISIOLO: MatopeniMCA Abdi Guyo, endorsed to vie for Embakasi Central MP, gets blessings from elders on January 28

The dynamics of Isiolo politics shifted last week following Governor Mohammed Kuti’s decision not to run.

The first-term governor endorsed Nairobi assembly majority leader Abdi Hassan, popularly known as Guyo, to succeed him during a function in Isiolo.

Speaking for the first time after the event, Guyo said it was a difficult decision to make, choosing between Kuti’s endorsement and his political ambitions in Nairobi.

“It wasn't an easy decision but there we go and I am ready to serve my home county," he said.

"At the beginning, our aim was to change the face of Embakasi Central, bring hope to our people, inject new fresh blood of leadership and provide inclusive administration." 

“Little did we know Allah had another plan for us and this time around we go to Isiolo county as their next governor, inshallah," he added.

The 41-year-old city politician had officially announced his run for the Embakasi Central parliamentary seat in November last year.

He has served as Matopeni MCA for almost 15 years and was aiming for the parliamentary seat on the Jubilee Party ticket. He had paid the nomination fee.

Guyo's decision took Nairobi by surprise, more so the people of Embakasi Central in Matopeni ward where he had received major support for his parliamentary bid.

“To the people of Embakasi Central-Matopeni ward, I can't express how grateful I am to have served as your leader for 15 years," Guyo said.

"We have achieved a lot together and I don’t take for granted your trust in my leadership.”

The majority leader thanked Governor Kuti for endorsing him, saying he will carry on the task of uniting Isiolo residents and promoting development.

In 2013, Kuti was elected as Isiolo senator and in the 2017 general election, he won the governorship under the Jubilee Party.

Guyo said the road crash death of his brother and family took him by surprise.

Last Monday, Guyo lost four family members in a road accident on the Isiolo-Meru road just two days after being endorsed by Kuti.

"My brother and family were excited about my decision to vie for governor at home and I suppose they travelled for this reason to have their votes transferred," Guyo said.

"I guess God wanted them to rest at home, God who is our creator knows why it happened and I cannot question that," he said.


Guyo said in Isiolo he will aim to improve access to county services and harness economic opportunities offered by Vision 2030 projects to improve livelihoods.

He said he will promote equal sharing of resources among all communities, regardless of their background.

"My leadership will right the wrongs and provide the mature leadership our county is in dire need of."

The governor aspirant said his administration will be committed to cushioning people against the devastating drought effects.

Early this year, more than 120,000 people in Isiolo were said to be in need of food for four months. At that time their animal's condition is expected to improve because of the rains and fresh pasture.

Most of the population depends on animal products and milk for their livelihood, which was threatened after the failed rains from October to December last year in the county.

“I will strive to ensure that food distribution reaches as many vulnerable households as possible,” Guyo said. 

Guyo will fight for the Jubilee Party governor's ticket with Godana Doyo, the former governor of Isiolo.

(Edited by V. Graham) 

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