From Ruto aide to Lang'ata MP, Korir promises better second term

First Kalenjin elected MP in Nairobi seeks reelection in area dominated by ODM, says he has achieved 80%

In Summary
  • Being the first Kalenjin to be elected as an Mp in Nairobi, Korir is seeking re-election in an area that had been dominated by ODM party for decades.
  • •Giving himself a scorecard of 80 out of 100, Korir seeks to be re-elected and continue serving the residents of Langata.
Langata MP Nixon Kiprotich Korir at Weston Hotel during an interview with the Star on January 28, 2022
Langata MP Nixon Kiprotich Korir at Weston Hotel during an interview with the Star on January 28, 2022

Langata MP Nixon Korir has aligned himself with the United Democratic Party and is among Deputy President William Ruto’s confidants.

He is a lawyer by profession and the founding chairman of the United Republican Party.

Being the first Kalenjin to be elected as an MP in Nairobi, Korir is seeking reelection in an area that had been dominated by ODM party for decades.

In an interview with the Star, Korir popularly known as “Generali’, speaks on his reelection bid, relationship with Ruto and how UDA plans to win Nairobi.

Why Langata and not any other subcounty? 

When I first came to Nairobi, I enrolled at the University of Nairobi to study law and graduated in December 201 1 and Langata was my first residence after campus.

It is home for me. This is where I know and lived and that’s why I went for the seat.

My journey into national politics started in 2013 where in my first attempt to capture Langata seat I garnered 17, 740 votes under URP ticket and came second behind ODM’s Joash Olum who had 25, 394.

Being my first time this inspired me and on August 8, 2017, I won with 41,086 votes, beating ODM’s Oscar Omoke who garnered 39,593 votes.

For a  very long time, Langata was an ODM zone before it was split into two.

But if you look at the demographics, Langata is very balanced indicating the change in politics that is coming in, where people choose individuals instead of political parties.

That is what happened in 2017 and the people chose to elect me regardless of the area being an “ODM territory”.

Being a Jubilee MP, describe your working relationship with ODM MCAs ?

 All my five MCAs from South C, Nairobi West, Karen, Highrise and  Mugumu-Ini were elected under ODM but the people preferred me as their MP. 

We have had a seamless working relationship on development matters but we only differ in politics.

What’s your self scorecard for the last five years?

When campaigning I had a manifesto and I can say out of 100 I have achieved 80.

I pledged to fix the infrastructure, security, water, education and empowerment.

When I came into office, most schools were dilapidated but now from Kongoni Primary School to Madaraka, Nairobi West, all the way to Karen they are all in good condition.

Currently, we are building a new secondary school in South C, Kongoni mixed secondary school.

There was a school in Highrise that had been initiated by the former MP until Class 4 but now we have completed it to class 8 with a full kitchen and administration block.

On security matters, back in 2013-14, we had a lot of crime in the area including kidnapping. But now I can confidently say that Langata is safe as my administration has worked closely with police officers.

We have expanded health care and requested NMS to build a hospital in Udungu which is very functional.

On Infrastructure, most roads are done with only a few remaining, my work is visible.

Langata MP Nixon Kiprotich Korir at Weston Hotel on January 28, 2022
Langata MP Nixon Kiprotich Korir at Weston Hotel on January 28, 2022

Any challenges you have encountered?

We still have challenges with infrastructure where a few feeder roads have not been completed in Nairobi West. We are hopeful that they will be fixed probably before this financial year ends.

Water crisis is a big problem in Langata but other estates have the rationing programme which we hope will be fixed soon.

Completion of Northern Collector Water Tunnel and the Western Transmission Pipeline from Kabete will drastically boost water supply in Langata.

Issues of land grabbing in Langata. What have you done to solve the problem?

Land issues are a major problem in Langata especially in Ngong forest which came after CS Tobiko said the houses will be demolished and I petitioned the directive in Parliament.

We are trying to find a solution so that we don’t injure the people living there. There is also the issue of land grabbing behind Carnivore ground but we managed to stop it through a court order.

In 2018 I also brought a petition in parliament over planned demolitions of Seefar apartments. Land-grabbing cuts across Nairobi and the problem is that the records of public lands are at the county government.

As lawmakers we might not be having these records and it remains a challenge as we refer the matter to the county government.

Why should Langata residents give you another term?

My scorecard speaks for itself. Having streamlined the education sector, empowerment, infrastructure and my mandate as a legislature I deserve a chance to continue serving my constituents.

If re-elected will add more learning institutions especially in Karen and Highrise to ensure children don’t have to travel a long distance for education.

I think what we have done despite the challenges that came with the Covid-19 pandemic and handshake brothers makes me deserving for another chance to lead.

What’s your relationship with the Deputy President?

Deputy President William Ruto is my friend and party leader.

We first met back at the University of Nairobi and developed a working relationship. He was my first employer, he made me his first personal assistant when he was MP for Eldoret North Constituency.

I was also the founding chairman of the United Republican Party (URP)and its executive director. We have a history with the Ruto and now I’m his Mp.

How does UDA plan to take over Nairobi?

Nairobi is a hustlers' city where all Kenyans come to hustle and UDA being a hustlers' party, it will be a hustlers' county.

When you look at the numbers that Raila got in 2017 versus what Uhuru one cannot conclusively say Nairobi is an “ODM “zone because it was a 50-50  win.

Now considering Musalia Mudavadi who has shifted to work with Ruto that means the numbers for UDA in Nairobi are changing for better.

But as UDA we will sell our agenda and talk to the people because we believe in an economic model that favours the masses.

Majority of Nairobi residents are micro and macro entrepreneurs and we  believe our manifesto is the best.

In terms of fielding candidates, we are mapping out all the 85 wards and 17 subcounties and discussing with ANC and Ford Kenya on the way forward.

Currently, Jubilee has 9 subcounties, ODM (8) and Wiper one .

As UDA we want to retain the 9 subcounties and take over five more; Dagoretti North, Westlands, Embakasi East, Kibera and Makadara.

Even if we won’t take all five we are aiming for at least 70 percent of Nairobi so watch this pace.

Why should Kenyans vote for Ruto as the 5th President?

I believe what matters is your track record and manifesto and for that Ruto is the best candidate.

Our only opponent is Raila Odinga, the rest are jokers. But Raila dwells only on history, what about the track record?

Raila served Langata as MP for long but what did he do? He was a Prime Minister but he cannot be compared with Ruto’s track record.

As a voter, I look at DP’s track record, capabilities and vision, he definitely has what it takes to be the fifth.

Looking at his track record when he was the Minister for Agriculture, he made farmers happy, when he served in the education ministry he did away with the backlog of admission to universities.

Remember one used to wait for two years to get to university but he reduced the time frame, rejuvenated TIVETs and started a crackdown on fake colleges.

The track record clearly speaks for him.

I believe he is able and will fix this country, the same way we believed that Uhuru Kenyatta would.

No one should lie to Kenyans that we are not united. Kenya is already one and the biggest problem we have is the economy.

Voters should look at who will change the economy.

Ruto is the best, his bottom-up economic model is a blueprint targeting to promote ordinary Kenyans and empowering them financially to generate taxes that can spur the economy, that is enough to send him to State House.

Do you see any threat to your re-election?

My opponent is the ODM party and not an individual as there is a perception that Langata constituency is an ODM zone.

ODM enjoys some support in Langata but looking at the demographics and Mudavadi's move,  the voting patterns will definitely change in my  favour.

ODM has close to 10 aspirants and whoever gets the party ticket will be my opponent, but as of now, I don’t see any threat.

How have you balance between family and politics?

My wife and I met at the University of Nairobi and politics was already in the picture as I was then the Secretary-General of the Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU).

I am a politicians while on the ground but when at home we I am a husband to my wife and father to my three children.

Luckily, I have a supportive wife who understands what I do and that motivates me to keep going on.