Payout for Globe Roundabout conversion to bus stage

Private landowners to get cash or land in exchange to allow construction

In Summary

• Globe landowners compensated in cash or land.

• Once converted, Globe roundabout will handle PSVs plying Eastleigh route and some from Thika Superhighway

NMS director general Mohammed Badi during an interview with the Star at KICC,
NMS BOSS: NMS director general Mohammed Badi during an interview with the Star at KICC,

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services and the Lands ministry are completing land evaluation so the Globe Roundabout can be converted to a bus terminus.

Construction works are underway on the new terminus for use once PSVs are banned from the Central Business District.

NMS director general Mohammed said that the roundabout will be converted to terminus for matatus plying Juja Road from Eastleigh and some from Thika Superhighway.

He said the land was occupied by private landowners and NMS had to negotiate with assistance from the Ministry of Lands.

For years, the Globe Roundabout has been used as a parking bay for matatus such as the North Rift Sacco, among others.

Badi said different landowning communities chose different compensation - some cash, some land of equivalent value.

“In some areas, they got compensation in land, some communities opted for government land and surrendered this one. We have already finished the legal framework for that exchange,” the NMS boss said.

NMS is completing the evaluation process with the Ministry of Lands.

“One community opted to be paid and we are finishing up with the Ministry of Lands for the evaluation process. This month NMS should be able to fully move and start constructing a modern bus park at the Globe," Badi said.

In October last year, City Hall had also announced plans to convert the Globe Roundabout into a bus terminus to ease traffic flow.

The County Assembly Transport committee had complained about disorganised matatu operations on routes out of Nairobi.

In the new plan, PSVs using the Koja/Old Mutual 'bus stage' are to be relocated to the roundabout to ease traffic in the CBD.

The Koja/Old Mutual 'bus stage' has been blamed for traffic snarl-ups as vehicles enter the CBD through the Globe flyover and also by matatus operating in and out of the stage.

Last month, NMS said it will relocate matatus from the CBD in phases from this month, upon completion of Green Park, Desai and Park Road termini.

NMS director of Transport and Public Works Engineer Michael Ochieng said Phase One will include all matatus plying the Lang'ata and Ngong routes.

They will be first to be relocated from the CBD.

They will be picking up and dropping off commuters at Green Park terminus at Railways Club.

“We are consulting with stakeholders to see if we can have a phased opening and commissioning of the termini to avoid the situation turning chaotic,” Badi said.

Matatus currently using Tea Room and Accra Road plying Thika Superhighway and long-distance matatus from Mt Kenya will move to Desai and Park road termini in Ngara.

NMS has also set aside land at the junction of Bunyala and Workshop roads for matatus using Mombasa Road-South B, South C, Industrial Area, Imara Daima, Athi River, Kitengela and Machakos.

Eng Ochieng said work on the terminus will take about a month after groundbreaking.

According to the decongestion strategy, matatus using Waiyaki Way will pick up and drop off passengers at Fig Tree terminus in Ngara.

A terminus at Muthurwa-Ladhies will serve matatus from Jogoo and Lusaka roads.

(Edited by V. Graham)