Sonko tells off Majority Leader over frequent suspensions

Sonko accuses Majority Leader of interfering with his work.

In Summary

• Sonko accuses Majority Leader of interfering with his work, insists he had power to hire and fire staff.

• The governor suspended 16 staff members last week in a move that has split the county

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has told off county assembly Majority Leader, Abdi Guyo, accusing him of interfering with his work.

Guyo had claimed that the governor had fallen out with the MCAs because of his never-ending suspensions at City Hall.

But Sonko has insisted that he has the power to hire and fire staff.

“It does not require rocket science for anyone to understand that the governor has powers to hire and fire staff who do not undertake their responsibilities," he said on Monday.

“All the county officials based in Dagoretti whom I suspended the other day were all public servants and were directly responsible," Sonko said.

"Some of them were involved in approving the plans for that school while others should have been supervising the construction. If they did that we would not have lost eight children."

Sonko was referring to the executives he suspended following the collapse of Precious Talent School on September 23, leading to the death of eight students.

The governor further warned his officials that he will not hesitate to take action against anyone who engages in corruption and does not obey the law.

“We are in a new administration where everyone must be accountable and transparent. The Majority Leader had a chance to hold Kidero accountable, but he failed to oversight that administration," Sonko said.

“He should leave me to do my work and to clean up city hall especially the planning department."