County seeks to cut cost of preaching at Uhuru Park in proposed Finance Bill

Sonko administration wants to charge Sh1,500 per hour

In Summary

• Bill seeks to introduce new charges in city's recreational parks

Uhuru Park.
Uhuru Park.
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The county government wants to reduce the cost of preaching at Uhuru Park from Sh 2,500 to Sh1,500 per hour in the Nairobi City County Finance Bill,

In addition, the county will not charge lunch time preachers in Central Park, Jevanjee Gardens and Kamkunji grounds.


The bill further proposes to cut the cost of clearance certificate of vendors at Uhuru and City parks from Sh10,000 to Sh2,000 per annum.


The bill which is currently at public participation stage has introduced new charges on certain parks mostly used by city dwellers for recreational purposes.

For video shooting, the county will charge Sh5,000 per day. For commercial video shooting, the county will charge a minimum of Sh10,000 daily.

The bill also seeks to introduce new charges for music fanfare at Sh5,000 per day and this will also be applied at Central Park, Jevanjee Gardens, Kamkunji and at City Park.

Vendors selling sweets, cigarettes and other items will be required to pay a daily fee of Sh100. Entertainment lovers at City Park will also feel the pinch of additional taxes.

Those who prefer camel or horse riding might be forced to dig deeper into their pockets. Owners of the animals will be required to pay Sh500 per animal daily to operate within the park.

For fixed swings a minimum fee of Sh100 per seat per day while manual wings owners will have to pay Sh 50 daily per seat.

New charges for bouncing castles at City Park will be Sh1,000 for the small size, Sh 1,500 for medium and Sh2,500 for large bouncing castles per day.


Water pool in the park will be charged Sh2,000 per unit while Sh2,000 per unit will be charged for trains.

The Kenya Alliance of Residents Association has recommended some charges in the bill to be abolished, saying they are punitive and unnecessary.