Sonko threatens to sack CEC over poor state of roads

In Summary

•Sonko accuses his Roads CEC of hiding county's construction equipment for personal gain.

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko in a previous press briefing
Nairobi governor Mike Sonko in a previous press briefing

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has yet again threatened to sack nonperforming county executives.

Sonko on Tuesday took to Facebook  to  shame Nairobi County roads CEC Hitan Majevdia on the  poor state of Tsavo and Luthuli roads within Nairobi's downtown.

In his Facebook post, Sonko said the roads are full of potholes and  asked the CEC to explain to Nairobians the whereabouts of pothole patching machines and the new asphalt plant for making bitumen that were procured in November last year.

"Where are our internal road recarpetting equipment ambazo (which) our road engineers were using to recarpet county roads ama (or) you are grounding them ndio (so that) all the works zifanywe na (are done by) private contractors," reads part of Sonko's post.

Potholes can cause damage to vehicle tyres, wheels and suspensions and serious road accidents can occur as a direct result.

Nairobi's county boss has given Majvedia 14 days to act lest he resigns and  goes home.

In May, Sonko threatened to sack corrupt county executives.


He said he will continue to fire some of and reshuffle his 10-member cabinet, and chief officers if that will ensure efficient service delivery to residents.

Without giving names, Sonko said that he will soon reshuffle two of his CECs who have not been delivering on their delegated duties.

“I will not go back on reshuffling or firing my CECs because I have noted some are just busy playing golf instead of coming to work,” Sonko said. 

If Sonko keeps his word, it will the fifth cabinet reshuffle since he assumed office in August 2017.

The county boss has sent home two executives — Emmah Muthinu and Peter Wachira — by not renewing their one-year contracts.

He also sacked former Finance executive Danvas Makori and suspended former county secretary Peter Kariuki.

Sonko was also engaged in an acrimonious fallout with the former Education boss Janet Muthoni-Ouko in January. 

Sonko who appeared to be displeased by his cabinet accused them of losing focus and being involved in ‘cartels’ rather than putting efforts in service delivery.

“Some of these CECs come here as angels but as soon as they join the cartels they change. Some also think that because they were brought here by godfathers, they cannot be fired,” he said.

“I want to tell you today that I will not hesitate to fire them,” Sonko said.