Repaired Ndukuma earth dam to benefit 10,000 residents

It will be rehabilitated and desilted, a fence will be built and trees planted ,

In Summary

The rehabilitated and desilted dam will benefit more than 10,000 residents in Makueni subcounty,

The 700,000 cubic metre capacity dam and treatment plant will produce water for domestic use and irrigation, increasing food

More than 10,000 residents of Kikumini/Muvau ward in Makueni subcounty will benefit from desilting the Ndukuma earth dam.

The dam is being rehabilitated by Makueni county government for Sh50 million.

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr said the 700,000 cubic metre-capacity dam will serve 10 villages and Wote Township.

It is to be completed at the end of the month after commissioning the dam on Wednesday. The villages to benefit include Kaseve, Nthembe, Mandoi, Miteveni, Wendo, Munyuni, Nzaai, Kiatine and Mumbuni. 

The governor said they have embarked on Phase II, constructing a  water treatment plant and a water storage tank for both domestic and irrigation purposes.

The governor urged the national government to fund county governments to construct dams.

He said the move will increase food security at the county level as small- scale farmers will utilise the water to irrigate, enhancing food production and avoiding dependence on relief food.

“This is the solution to food insecurity, the county governments have the capacity to do these projects at a lower cost compared to the national government,” he said.

Speaking at the same function, the Water and Sanitation CEC Engineer John Kasyoki Kieti said that the scope of work required removal of  silt and reinforcement with compacted clay to reduce seepage.

Kieti said the dam will have check dams to control the siltation. A fence will constructed and  and trees will be planted sound the 58 acres.

(Edited by V.Graham)

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