Kitui Wiper MCAs hatch plan to sack deputy speaker

He was on Monday described as traitor by majority leader Peter Kilonzo.

In Summary

•Emeritus Musya is accused of going against the grain by opposing the position of Wiper

•He is facing integrity issues for allegedly attempting to bribe MCAs to support the list.

Kitui deputy speaker Emeritus Musya
ON THE SPOT: Kitui deputy speaker Emeritus Musya

Kitui assembly deputy speaker Emeritus Musya is facing possible de-whipping for opposing his Wiper party position to reject Governor Charity Ngilu’s six CPSB nominees last Wednesday.

Musya belongs to the assembly’s majority Wiper party most of whose members voted against the County Public Service Board nominees.

He was on Monday described as traitor by majority leader Peter Kilonzo who said he was now set to lose his position.

“As the Wiper party leaders in the Kitui assembly, we held a meeting on Thursday and decided that we should de-whip Musya from his position as the deputy speaker.  We cannot allow him to continue in that position,” Kilonzo said.


Kilonzo further said that not only would Musya and two other Wiper MCAs face disciplinary action for backing the rejected list of nominees but also must answer to claims touching on integrity.

Some MCAs claimed on the floor of the house that he attempted to offer them money to support the list of nominees. 

 The nominees were rejected during the Kitui assembly special sitting that was summoned by speaker George Ndotto to, among other things, dispense with the CPSB matter.

Ahead of Ndotto’s reconvening the session, Governor Ngilu accused Ndotto of sitting on the CPSB hiring report and sued him.

But on Monday Musya said he was surprised that he was being accused of betraying fellow Wiper MCAs and supporting Ngilu’s rejected CPSB nominees. He said he not only exercised his democratic right but stood with voters of his Kisasi ward.

“Although it is misleading to claim that I went against the party position as I had not received the Wiper position from NEC like it happened during the Punguza Mzigo Bill, the Wiper team has no powers to remove me as the deputy speaker,” said Musya on phone on Monday.

He further denied claims that he had on Wednesday attempted to offer  money to some MCAs to approve the CPSB nominees.

“Those are merely false allegations. I did not give or send any MCA money. Anyone with proof should avail it to the police or other authorities. Let us meet there,” he said.

Musya said he had always been loyal to his voters and the Wiper party that nominated him. He, however, said he had the right to exercise his democratic like freedom of expression and choice.

Edited by Henry Makori