Maua residents blame their suffering on Kiraitu

'We fear contracting water-borne diseases'

In Summary

• The drainage is blocked and garbage has not been collected for many days in different parts of the town.

• Local administrator blames developers for diverting flood water channels and River Mboone


Maua town residents blame their suffering on the failure of the  Kiraitu Murungi-led county government to unclog the drains and collect garbage.

About 800 people, among them traders, have been affected by floods in the past one month. They fear an outbreak of waterborne diseases.

Bishop Gerald Kaberia of Three in One Jerusalem Church told the Star that his flock is badly affected several churches are inaccessible.

Gaciongo and Annex are no-go areas after the waters of a nearby lake overflowed and spread to homes and garages.

“Many rental houses and shops have been vacated. We are living in fear of contracting water-borne diseases. Churches have been abandoned. We are appealing to Governor Kiraitu Murungi to move with speed and rescue his voters,” Kaberia said.

Businesswoman Sabina Karimi said her shop was flooded at night and so she could not salvage anything.

“My items are rotting in the shop. We ask the county and the national governments to mitigate the situation because it is man-made.  The sewer line is unclogged,” she said.

Four people were swept away by floods on Wednesday night last week.

Igembe South sub-county administrator Timothy Mwenda said the unusually high rainfall has disrupted lives in the town.

"I apologise to the affected people. The problem is not drainage but the intensity of rainwater," he said.

Representatives from Kenya Urban Roads Authority, Nema and Water Resources Management Authority as well as health and urban development planning officers are on ground to ensure such incidences do not recur, Mwenda said.

“We admit Maua is a town in a waterlogged area. Our preliminary investigation shows that a number of people have diverted the channel of flood water and River Mboone that passes through the town. We will demolish all the structures on the water paths and reserves,” he said.