Residents protest MCA's 'suspicious' church donations

Boda boda, taxi operators say ward rep should focus on uplifting their living standards

In Summary

• MCA alleges they were paid by former senator because he donated more than the ex-senator. 

• Former senator, who is eyeing the county top seat, likens fighting with an MCA to arguing with one's driver.  

Embu county assembly deputy speaker Steve Munene, Health committee chairman Muturi Mwombo and Budget and Appropriations committee chairman Harrison Mwaluko in Embu
'FOCUS ON DEVELOPMENT': Embu county assembly deputy speaker Steve Munene, Health committee chairman Muturi Mwombo and Budget and Appropriations committee chairman Harrison Mwaluko in Embu
Image: Reuben Githinji

Embu residents on Wednesday protested against huge but allegedly suspicious donations to a church by an MCA. 

The residents of Ruguru-Ngandori ward accused their representative Harisson Muturi of concentrating on churches instead of focusing on uplifting their living standards. 

The MCA has reportedly been donating large amounts to churches, monies whose sources residents believe might be tainted. 

“Like last Sunday he donated over Sh200,000 at a church while other well-endowed persons gave less than him and we were left wondering where he is getting this kind of money from,” resident Muriithi Gacuma said. 

Locals including boda boda and taxi operators marched to Kiriari, Kairuri and then Manyatta town which is the headquarter of Embu North subcounty. 

They went around the streets waving placards, hooting and chanting “Muturi must go! Muturi must go!”


The residents accused Muturi of not facilitating the youth to get the 30 per cent tenders allocated to special groups and Youth Enterprise Fund. 

He was also faulted for giving bursaries to children of his political cronies and campaigners and initiating fewer development projects. 

Muturi also chairs the county assembly Health Committee. 

Muturi denied all the allegations and blamed former Senator Lenny Kivuti of having paid the demonstrators. 

He allegedly donated more money than Kivuti during the Embu ACK 29th anniversary at Kigari ACK on Sunday.  

Kivuti is eyeing the Embu gubernatorial seat and Muturi has yet to endorse his bid. 

 “It’s Lenny [Kivuti] who organised that thing.  Do you remember what happened on Sunday? Was his person not on the frontline? Those were political propaganda just because of the governor’s seat," Muturi said. 

He took credit for building the Rianjagi Bridge, tarmacked roads in the area and for handing out Sh1 million for the youth fund. 

The ward rep said he donates cash to funds drives in churches and other areas because "he has a calling for that" noting it is all from his salary.

In response, Kivuti denied Muturi's claims, arguing that nobody can demonstrate against somebody for giving out too much money in donations. 

He further said he does not involve himself in dirty ward politics but in national and county politics since he is not interested in the ward seat. 

“If an MCA is not supporting me, I would talk to him nicely to get their support. I would have no time to antagonise an MCA because it’s like fighting with your driver."

He added, "My agenda excludes fighting completely and includes development. If anybody wants to catch me, he should challenge me on what development agenda we have, not who went to demonstrate against who." 

Edited by R.Wamochie