Mwingi women protest against drugs, prostitution

Protesters say three women sell bhang, miraa and alcohol during the day and offer sex for pay at night

In Summary

•Women accuse alleged prostitutes of luring husbands away from their families

•But assistant chief says no one had reported  her husband had been snatched

Mwingi women protest against drugs,prostitution
FILE Mwingi women protest against drugs,prostitution

Over 100 women held a demonstration against three women allegedly selling drugs and engaging in prostitution in Kakululo market, Mwingi West constituency.

The protesters said the women sell bhang, miraa and alcohol during the day and offer sex for pay at night. 

The women said they feared their children would start abusing the drugs sold by the traffickers.

They said the three women do not come from the area and might lure husbands away from their families.

Dorcas Nzisa, one of the demonstrators, said since the women came to Kakululo market her husband has never provided for their children.

“Once my husband is paid he spends all his salary on those women. We have three children and he does not even pay their school fees”, Nzisa said.

“We are so angered by these three women because they are busy destroying the future of our youths by selling bhang in the market”, Susan Nzembi said.

The irate women gave the area chief one day to chase away the alleged prostitutes or they will take the matter into their hands.

"If the chief is not going to chase them out of the market tomorrow we are going to burn them to ashes,” said one of the demonstrators.

Assistant chief Simon Kathithe said no one had reported to his office that her husband had been snatched.

“The women should stop selling bhang because it is against the law,” Kathithe said.

He said the three women were free to sell alcohol and miraa at the right time.