Huduma Namba has nothing to do with witchcraft, Wambora assures residents

Governor spells out the benefits of one's identity in the biometric kit

In Summary

• Wambora asks Embu residents to ignore those spreading fear that Huduma Namba can be used for witchcraft.

• The Governor says the number will be useful to youths during job interviews.

Mzee Enock Shiveka, 89 during Huduma namba launch in Kambi Mwanza in KAkamega
HUDUMA NAMBA Mzee Enock Shiveka, 89 during Huduma namba launch in Kambi Mwanza in KAkamega

Governor Martin Nyaga Wambora has dismissed rumours that some devious people could use Huduma Namba registration data for witchcraft.

The Embu governor explained the purpose of Huduma Namba was to make it easier for individuals to access government services. The data is stored in the National Integrated Identification Management System (NIIMS).

Wambora, who was speaking after he and his wife Teresia registered for the Huduma Namba at Embu Town’s Huduma Centre, allayed fears that ill-motivated individuals could use the data to harm others.

He said one will no longer need to carry many cards like the ID, National Hospital Insurance Fund and driving licence when seeking government services. The number will be important for the youth during interviews for jobs as they will not have to carry suitcases full of documents.

“The perception that the data captured before one is given the Huduma Namba may be used to bewitch some people is misplaced. Nothing like that can happen," Wambora said.

He appealed to residents to turn out in large numbers and register. Other countries including the developed ones like the United State of America have similar identification which they call social security numbers.

He was disappointed by the poor turnout and promised to roll out a campaign to sensitise the residents on the importance of the number.

Wambora said the residents had nothing to fear as President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga had led the way in registering for the number.

Some mischievous people have been spreading fears that Huduma Namba data in the biometric kit (especially the picture) can be used by crooks to bewitch their enemies.

Wambora disclosed that about 100,000 people in the semi-arid sub-counties of Mbeere North and South needed food assistance.

He said Agriculture Cabinet secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri had promised to send 1,000 bags of maize, 400 of beans and 60 cartons of cooking oil to the drought victims.

The governor said famine will be eliminated in the county after the construction of dams and water pans in the area.