Dissolve Cabinet and start afresh, Senator Abdillahi tells Ruto

The Cabinet, she noted, has failed the President and the failure has manifested itself in the protests

In Summary
  • She said the Finance Bill 2024 had many benefits for the Coastal people but now they are going to lose out big time.
  • She called for stern action against those seen in viral videos beating police officers.
Senator Miraj Abdillahi at Afrah Hall in Serani, Mombasa on May 24.
MOMENT OF TRUTH Senator Miraj Abdillahi at Afrah Hall in Serani, Mombasa on May 24.

UDA nominated senator Miraj Abdillahi has called on President William Ruto to dissolve his Cabinet and start afresh.

The Cabinet, she noted, failed the President, which manifested in Gen Z protests against the government.

The rejection of the bill cost the coastal people, she said in Likoni, Mombasa on Saturday.

“It is not right that all the good things that the Coastal people were going to get with the Finance Bill 2024 will be missed because someone did not explain the content of the bill well,” the senator said.

She lauded MPs like Ruweida Obbo from Lamu East, who stood with the bill because she knew it would be beneficial in the long run.

“It was important for the President to not assent to the bill not because it was bad but because there is need for dialogue in the country,” Abdillahi said.

She called for stern action against those seen in viral videos beating police officers, as well as rogue troops who used  excessive force against Gen Z, killing some of them. 

Abdillahi said the President "has continued to carry the blame for mistakes done by other people", adding that even sins done by governors, are shouldered by him.

“If we want to be truthful, let us start from where we come from. When people lined up to vote in 2022, they voted for six leaders, but all fingers are now pointed at one leader,” she said.

Many governors gave promises that they failed to deliver, the senator added, posing “Should this also be blamed on President Ruto?” 

“This is the time we need to stop hiding behind the microphone. We are all responsible for the resources in Kenya. We need to protect our resources jealously."

She said institutions must carry their own cross and the President should not be victimised.

“If we truly want to change Kenya, we must stop being hypocritical leaders.” 

Grand corruption has also cost the youth, as hundreds of millions of shillings set aside for the construction of stadiums cannot be accounted for.

During campaigns, it was said Sh2 billion was lost daily because of corruption but to date, no one has ever been arrested and charged. 

“As UDA government, we went round Kenya telling Kenyans the problems brought by the previous regime. But since we came to power no one has been arrested for the things they have done to Kenyans,” she noted.

More than a decade since devolution kicked in, there is no proper stadium in the county, the senator said, even though Coastal youth were known for their prowess in football.

“The Mombasa Stadium has become a pipe dream. It has become an animal farm. When you get in there, you might even meet a lion.

Further, the Senator said the land problem must be tackled at this time when there are calls for a fresh start.

“Our families have been given letters in Bondeni, Mwembe Kuku, Visangalaweni in Likoni, Junda, Kisauni and many others, to vacate our lands.”

This is because relevant institutions are ignored when they give recommendations.

Additionally, reports have remained in shelves instead of being actioned.

“We need to ensure the recommendations we make in this House are fully implemented. It is this Senate that ruled that the old Buxton tenants be given houses at Buxton Point, but to date, no one has been taken back.”

She also called out the EACC, saying it has failed in its mandate where land cases are concerned and lawyers who represent clients, among them leaders, who oppress the people. 

“Those who have their court cases withdrawn, had they been charged falsely or it is because they are now politically right, and that is why this institution is coiling its tail and letting them scot-free without justice for Kenyans?”

All these issues contributed to the pent up anger that made Gen Z go to the streets.

No hungry person is happy and the youth have been hurting for a long time because they were not getting equal opportunities.

“I speak with a lot of pain because even the youth we take to Bandari Maritime Academy, the qualifications they get do not allow them to go to international ships. They do not meet international standards. When they get into the ship, they are told to go to South Africa to get more skills," the Senator said. 

After Nairobi, Mombasa county saw the second highest number of youths take to the streets because of the pent-up anger in them, she noted.

“I speak for that Coastal youth, who heard that 50,000 teachers have been employed by the government but they cannot tell who is that that has been employed," she said.

“I asked for the open sky policy to be implemented but only one airline, Kenya Airways, was allowed to fly from Mombasa to Dubai directly. The other airlines are still locked out. That still hurts tourism.” 


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