Woman demands justice after stray jumbo kills daughter

Rogue elephant pierced open Margaret Chivatsi's womb, splashing off her intestines with its tusk

In Summary

• Eight elephants are suspected to have left Tsavo in search of water.

•  Two weeks ago two children were also mauled and killed by a hyena in the neighbouring Kwale county.

The deceased, Margaret Chivatsi.
HUMAN-WILDLIFE CONFLICT: The deceased, Margaret Chivatsi.

A mother is demanding for justice and compensation from the state after her 20-year-old daughter was trampled to death by a stray elephant.

A distraught Mwikali Makawi says her daughter Margaret Chivatsi was killed on Friday in Kaloleni, as she ran to alert her about the roaming jumbos.

“I had gone to graze my goats when Chivatsi heard of the wild animal. She dashed towards me, but before she reached, she came face to face with the elephant.

"The elephant charged towards her. Its tusks pierced her from the back through the stomach,” she said.

Makawi recalled how Chivatsi died a painful death, leaving behind a two-year-old baby.

“The elephant threw her about ten metres from where she was attacked. All her intestines came out.

"She died five minutes later, while being attended to by medical staff who came to the scene. No compensation is enough but the state should do something,” she said.

Makawi said she saw something like a blanket ahead of her and later heard a funny sound when she realised it was an elephant.

Kalume Kazungu, a boda boda rider said he saw nine elephants at around 6am near Ndatani Primary School. Both pupils and parents were making noise when they saw the elephants.

“I reported the matter to the village elder who later visited the scene and called the area assistant chief. The assistant chief advised residents to vacate the area.

"Eight of the elephants left but one hid in a bush and later took a different direction. That is the elephant that killed Chivatsi,” he said

Japhet Karisa said residents are living in fear after the incident, adding that school children are at risk.

Karisa said human wildlife conflicts are rampant in the area due to the ongoing drought.

About two weeks ago, two children were mauled and killed by a hyena in neighbouring Kwale county.

Another child suffered serious injuries from the hyena attack.

Kayafungo MCA Alphonce Mwayaa urged the government to make sure the family gets justice.

Mwayaa said for the last one month they have been making reports to KWS over the sighting of elephants at Ruruma ward in Rabai constituency and later at Mariakani in Kaloleni constituency. However, no action was taken until they had killed one person .

He said the elephants are suspected to have come from either Tsavo East or West national parks in search of water due to drought.


(Edited by Bilha Makokha)

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