Mudavadi’s ANC at the Coast to woo supporters

Officials says he is the only person who can turn around Kenya's economy

In Summary
  • The party has been in the coast region since Monday to drum support for Mudavadi. Mudavadi is expected to tour the coast from July 26.
  • Party officials ask ODM leader Raila Odinga to support Mudavadi's presidential bid next year.
Kakamega Senator Cleophus Malala during a meeting in Mombasa on Thursday.
RALLYING SUPPORT: Kakamega Senator Cleophus Malala during a meeting in Mombasa on Thursday.

The Musalia Mudavadi led party has continued to rally support in Mombasa for the party leader's presidential bid.

The ANC party on Thursday held a meeting with aspirants seeking different elective posts in Mombasa.

Party officials led by Kakamega Senator Cleophus Malala, ANC national chairman Kevin Lunani and secretary general Basil Mwakiringo said that Mudavadi is the only presidential candidate capable of turning around Kenya's economy post 2022 General Election.

Malala said ODM leader Raila Odinga should support Mudavadi’s presidential bid.

“We have supported Raila twice in 2013 and 2017, time has come for him to now return the favour and support Mudavadi in 2022,” Malala said.

The senator said that during the NASA Coalition negotiations, parties agreed that the presidency was going to be rotational, and time has come for Raila to step aside and let someone else lead.

He accused ODM for failing to protect the coastal people against the transfer of port operations to Nairobi and Naivasha Inland Ports and the directive to transport all cargo via SGR.

Malala said these directives have been hurting the coastal economy.

“ODM leaders were very vocal against this, but where are they now? Since the handshake took effect they have left you to suffer alone as the economy cripples,” he said.

Malala urged the coastal people to unite and rally behind Mudavadi promising that the party was keen to empower women by giving them equal opportunity to vie for elective positions.

ANC chairman Lunani asserted that Mudavadi will be on the ballot box next year adding that they will traverse the country to amass support to realise the dream.

Secretary general Mwakiringo urged Mombasa people to register with the party and turn up in large numbers to vote.

“I ask you to ensure that you elect a leader with 70 per cent managerial skills to ensure that we turn around our economy,” Mwakiringo said.

Mudavadi is expected to tour the coast from July 26.

The party has been on a tour of the coast region since Monday.

The tour heads to Kwale county as they target to register 10,000 members in the region by end month.

(Edited by Bilha Makokha)