Kajembe loses first wife 4 months after second

Widower twice in four months; second wife Zhaharia died in March.

In Summary

•Aziza. his 'queen', was admitted at the Mombasa Hospital for unspecified illness, died on Friday.

• She was instrumental in Kajembe’s political career, mobilising women to support him.

Ex-Changamwe MP Ramadhan Kajembe.
TWICE A WIDOWER: Ex-Changamwe MP Ramadhan Kajembe.

Tragedy has again struck former Changamwe MP Ramadhan Kajembe who lost two wives in four months.

The former assistant minister on Friday morning lost his first wife Aziza - his 'queen', barely four months after losing his second wife Zaharia.


He was distraught.


Aziza was admitted to Mombasa Hospital for an unspecified illness.

She was instrumental in Kajembe’s political career, mobilising women to support him.

Aziza was a reserved woman who preferred working behind the scenes.

At times, Kajembe boasted about her at rallies and social gatherings, describing her as "the Queen of the kingdom". He boasted about her in politial rallies and at social gatherings.

On Friday, family and friends thronged Mombasa Hospital to condole with Kajembe.

The former MP, who served for three terms, was also heartbroken when he lost Zaharia to illness.


She was the mother-in-law of incumbent Jomvu MP Badi Twalib.


Twalib described the loss of Aziza as a blow to the family.

He described her as a humble peacemaker and a mother figure to many in Mombasa West.

“She was a champion of women's empowerment,” Twalib said.

Aziza will be buried at the family cemetery in Mikindani on Friday.

Kajembe lost his first-born son, Seif, in 2017.

The ex-MP is a respected figure in Mombasa and is usually consulted by political leaders on important issues.

He was  the Kenya Ferry Services chairman from 2016 to 2019.

(Edited by V. Graham)