Beach operators want coastline reopened

President asked to review Covid-19 restrictions to bring back life on coastline

In Summary

• The more than 300 beach operators want President Kenyatta to come up with measures to revive South Coast tourism.

• The operators say life has become hard and they can’t forever depend on inadequate relief food.

Diani beach operators have asked the national government to lift the cessation of movement countrywide and let domestic tourists to visit the coastline.

The more than 300 beach operators want President Uhuru Kenyatta to come up with suitable measures for the revival of local tourism in the South Coast.

They said they solely rely on tourism and cannot forever depend on relief food, which is not enough for their families. They also have other basic needs.

“We want Uhuru to review some of the restrictions and see if the activities can be brought back to life on the beaches because we can’t be begging for food every day,” their leader Adan Jirman said in Ukunda on Monday.

Jirman asked the government to control the spread of coronavirus without affecting tourism.

The operators are worried that a cure for Covid-19 might not be found soon and appealed for a solution on how to live with it.

Operator Henry Gitau said the reopening of tourism will give back jobs to thousands of youths.

“The coastline is a source of employment for many - fishermen, suppliers, tour guides among others. When they are active they will not queue for insufficient relief food,” he said.

The beach operators feared that soon the food relief programme will be overwhelmed.

They at the same time asked the government to expedite the reopening of schools.

Ali Ramadhan said school children roam the beaches alone and this might encourage sexual activities, leading to early pregnancies.


- mwaniki fm