Raped Kwale teenager demands justice

The girl suspects that her paternal aunt arranged for the sexual assault

In Summary

• The girl, who was then in Standard Six, believes the rapist made a deal with her aunt after she declined a marriage proposal.

• The fight for justice has led to the divorce of the girl's parents

A Matuga family is crying for justice after their 14-year-old daughter was defiled and impregnated in her aunt's house.

The girl, who is now a mother of a three-month-old baby, suspects that her paternal aunt arranged for the sexual assault when she stayed with her during the December 2018 holidays.

Mariam Kadzo (not her real name) was at the time in Standard Six.


Kadzo believes the rapist made a deal with the aunt. “I strongly suspect my aunt because she once approached me claiming that there was a good looking gentleman who wanted to marry me but I refused.” 

The aunt continued pestering her and one night she ordered her to leave the door unlocked as she would come home late.

Kadzo obliged but was unable to sleep. It was on that night that a man sneaked into the room and defiled her.


The girl couldn’t see his face as the house had no electricity. The traditional table lamp was off.

She narrated her ordeal to the aunt the following day but she seemed not to sympathise with her and instead tried to buy Kadzo’s silence.

“In the morning I told her but she was not shocked. She told me to stop crying because I am now a woman and advised me to keep my mouth shut.” 

Her mother, who has since been divorced, said her sister-in-law had betrayed her trust. It was she who took Kadzo to Kwale hospital where they were informed that she was pregnant.


They reported the matter to Kwale police station and her sister-in-law was locked up for a while. 

The mother said the police had not followed up the matter. The officers still have Kadzo's clinic attendance file and birth certificate.


The mother and daughter fight for justice has led to the breakdown of her marriage. “I have been divorced.  My husband's family had been accusing him of wanting to have his blood sister jailed because of me.” 

Matuga police station boss Ludwin Sasati said he is aware of the complaint and wants an explanation from the officer who investigated the complaint why the matter did not proceed to court.

Yasmin, a girl child non-government organisation, accused Kwale police of delaying justice and freeing the suspects.