Legislator faults TSC on inter-county transfer of teachers

'Keep them in their counties as they understand the problems on the ground.'

In Summary

• MP asks the Ministry of Education not to make teachers miserable by moving them to far-away stations.

• Parents of a Mwatate primary school had on Tuesday held demonstrations demanding the transfer of all teachers



The delocalisation of teachers should be confined to their counties, Mwatate MP Andrew Mwadime has said. 

Mwadime said local teachers understand the problems on the ground and the Teachers Service Commission should not transfer them to schools away from their home counties.

He said the Ministry of Education should not make teachers miserable by moving them to far-away stations.

“I have noted that some teachers from this region have been moved to very far counties. Some of them are headed for retirement and this is punishment. Others have also been moved to hostile areas of Lamu county,” Mwadime said on Saturday.

The legislator added: “Currently we are facing a serious shortage of teachers and transferring the few we have might put us in jeopardy. We expect the employing agency to engage our qualified and jobless teachers here.”

Taita Taveta County Secondary Schools Headteachers Association executive secretary Shedrack Mutungi condemned last Monday's killing of a Kitua primary school teacher by the public and asked TSC to protect the tutors.

Daisy Mbithe Mbaluka of Ndooni Primary School was lynched over what initially reported to be the dismal performance of her school in last year's KCPE exam.

“Good performance shall only be achieved if the community embraces good collaboration with teachers and other stakeholders. Attacking teachers will not bring better grades,” Mutungi said.

He also called for the transfer of teachers from Kighononyi Primary School in Mwatate to after parents demonstrated on Tuesday demanding that all teachers leave.

“The police should also move with speed and arrest the inciters of Tuesday’s demonstrations,” he added.