Faeces 'gifted' to Joho by Muoroto slums residents

All residents queue to use single crumbling latrine

In Summary

• Muoroto residents have given Mombasa county a week to respond to their grievances over sanitation issues, rather, lack of sanitation.

•on the World toilet day, the residents represented human feaces wrapped as a gift to the ounty assembly's clerk as a way to protest their grievances.

 Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has received a very special present from Muoro slum residents — a festively wrapped package of human faeces.

And there's a message, too — fix our latrines, or else. They didn't specify but presumably, they would demonstrate.

The area has a single foul and dangerously crumbling latrine. Everyone has to queue to use it; the drainage is exposed 


The residents gave assembly clerk Salim Juma human the fragrant offering during World Toilet Day last week to protest the squalor they live. Joho was said to be ill and was unable to receive it in person.

Village elder Shaban Mgalla said after one week, they will have to take the next step to make the county listen to them. They did not elaborate.

We all use that one toilet from children to adults. So, when you go in the morning you will have to queue with 20 people.
Elder Shaban Mgalla

“If they will not respond to us, we will not get tired and we will not be afraid because we are the ones suffering and sanitation is our right. We are not refugees but Kenya citizens," Mgalla said

So far they have received no response.

“When we took the letter and gift to the county clerk, he said he would get a response on Monday but we have none, Mgalla said.

"We needed to give the gift to Joho but he will definitely get the message," resident Sarah Ndunge said.

“We all use that one toilet from children to adults. So, when you go in the morning you will have to queue with 20 people,” Mgalla said.

Other toilets are privately owned and the owners charge them.

The residents say it is quite difficult for them to get money to pay to go to the toilet hence they are forced to share the public one.

Speaking to the Star, MCA Samba Tobias said  he is fighting for a budget so residents can have safe, sanitary toilets

He said, however, the place is too congested to have proper access roads and spaces to dig up the latrines.

(Edited by V. Graham)