Silence on drug cartels earns Lamu trafficker 10 years

Also ordered to pay Sh10 million or serve 10 years for trafficking, possession

In Summary
  • Fredrick Owuor, 38, will serve10 years for refusing to disclose drug cartels.
  • He was also charged with trafficking and possession, ordered to pa a Sh1 milion fine or serve 10  years.

A Lamu man has been ordered to pay a Sh1 million fine or spend 10 years in jail for drug trafficking.

Fredrick Ngiela Owuor, 38, on Tuesday was also ordered to serve 10 years for refusing to disclose the drug cartels with which he worked.

The court heard that on January 13, 2018, at the Lamu channel in Mkomani area in Lamu West subcounty Owuor was arrested trafficking 353 big rolls of bhang worth Sh114 200.

He was charged with both trafficking and possession.

Owuor denied all the charges.

Lamu Principal Magistrate Allan Temba said six prosecution witnesses had testified against the accused, who called no witnesses.

“The court is convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the accused is indeed the person who was in possession of the 353 rolls of bhang. The DPP’s evidence was direct and overwhelming and leads to the inevitable conclusion that the accused person is guilty. 

"You are convicted... [to pay] a fine of Sh 1 million, in default 10 years imprisonment and in addition, 10 years imprisonment for refusing to disclose the cartel behind the distribution of the drugs,” Temba said.

The accused has 14 days to appeal.

(Edited by V. Graham)