Residents demand higher pay for Dongo Kundu bypass

They want Sh30 million per acre, saying land value has appreciated

In Summary

• On Friday, more than 300 locals protested delayed payment, said construction activities had commenced contrary to their agreement. 

• They say fishing activities have been interrupted, 'is their sole source of livelihood'. 

Tsunza residents have demanded Sh30 million per acre to pave the way for the construction of Dongo Kundu bypass in Kinango sub-county.

On Friday, over 300 protested delayed payment claiming that construction activities had commenced contrary to their agreement.

The residents said the value of land has tremendously increased. 

Frederick Bemaronda said the government is likely going to compensate them with not more than Sh2 million per acre.

"There is a list circulating stating that eight acres of almost 12 people will be given Sh16 million if they divide it equally, only a  small amount is left looking at the cost of living," he said. 

Bemaronda said the money cannot buy land elsewhere and cater for building expenses. 

He said the government must give them a handsome price since they solely depend on fishing activities "which have been highly interfered with". 

Kinango sub-county Beach Management Unit secretary Said Chirunga said already, 3,020 fisheries have been affected by the construction.

He said the drilling at Lake Mkupe in Mombasa is killing fish and driving others into deep seas.

Chirungu said they used to get more than 50kg of fish, an amount he said has drastically reduced.

The construction of the Dongo Kundu bypass is expected to take 48 months.

Guya BMU Mbaruk Baushi wants residents to be paid Sh5 million per acre and fishermen to be given disturbance allowance. 

Edited by R.Wamochie