National assembly speaker hails MCAs for rejecting Punguza Mzigo bill

National assembly speaker says the bill aimed at discriminating women and deserved to be rejected

In Summary

• Already the bill in Lamu was rejected , it lacked even a seconder after proposal.

National assembly speaker Justin Muturi has today hailed Members of county assemblies for largely rejecting Punguza Mzigo bill terming it as discriminatory to women.

Muturi said the bill by Third-way Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot deserved to be scrapped since it aimed at scrapping off the positions of nominated women representative posts.

Speaking in Lamu after officially launching a maternal shelter constructed by Lamu women Representative Ruwedda Obbo at King Fahad hospital, he said the project was an eye-opener for all the other women representatives in the country to emulate.


The speaker said the proposed bill was not good because it wanted to continue frustrating women who have long been left behind in development.

"It was not a good proposal to say you want to do away with nominated women reps women who have been left behind in development, its good to move forward together," he said.

He said that there has been a lot being said about the bill and he could not talk about it as it was still being debated on.

"They did not know that people are learned they looked at it and saw it was not worth to be passed. But how can one propose the removal of nominated women rep as if they are not Kenyan citizens," he said.

Muturi said he was impressed by Lamu county assembly who rejected it adding that the bill did not even have a seconder as people did not like it.

She said Obbo had proved that women can deliver projects with the little resources allocated that's why he dedicated his time to come and witness the launch.

The women representative dismissed those fighting women reps NGAAF Funds by pushing it to be removed.


Currently she said the proposed bill which seeks to scrap the NGAAF FUNDS should be rejected as it was doing a lot to the women youth and those living with physical challenges.

"We are being fought but the fact is women are able to deliver, NGAAF is being utilized well others cannot spend out of pocket, the proposal is being taken to parliament and I would urge women to tell their MPs to support NGAAF," she said.

Lamu county assembly speaker Abdul Kassim said MCAs rejected the Punguza Mzigo bill and it did not have even a seconder.

Currently he said they were waiting for Building the bridges initiative to approve it.