Additional police post in Kisauni to curb rampant crime

Police chiefs say the new post will help in easy and fast deployment of police officers to areas of interest

In Summary

• The post began operations on Tuesday but was opened on Thursday. 

• Police launched a crackdown after last week's gang attacks. Fifteen youths have been arrested. 

Kisauni OCPD
Image: Elkana Jacob

Another police post has been opened in Kisauni to control the runaway insecurity, which has left many residents dead and others with permanent scars.

Police chiefs say the Mjambere post will ease and hasten deployment of officers to areas of interest. It is hosted at regional dog section headquarters. Its operations began on Tuesday, but it was commissioned yesterday during a baraza in Mlaleo. The officers promised a turnaround of the situation.

At least 15 people have been killed by gangs. Two other police posts had been put up in the subcounty in the wake of the attacks. Residents have demanded a police station.

“We appreciate police efforts, but there is insecurity at every corner of Kisauni,”  a resident said during the baraza. 

County commissioner Evans Achoki said the fight on radical and crime gangs can only be won with concerted efforts. He spoke to imams and other Muslim leaders in Masjid Swalihina. ”We must work together. Security is for everyone,” Achoki said.

There have been claims the gangs enjoy protection from their parents and some leaders. Following last week’s attacks, the police launched a crackdown. They have arrested 15 youths and recovered 14 bullets. Other suspects were nabbed in possession of heroin. They are being held in different police posts.

“We can never win the war on crime if we don’t share intelligence. If you know these youths, why don’t you report to the police?” Mombasa police boss Johnstone Ipara told residents at the baraza, adding that attacks are fuelled by drug peddling.

He added that narcotics are sold at the doorsteps of rented houses. Only a few residents showed up at the meeting held next to a shop that was recently raided.

The police chiefs said the ongoing crackdown will continue until they restore order.  

Division police boss Julius Kiragu they will increase patrol. 

Edited by R.Wamochie