Joho Brigade targets Jumwa after weekend rant

'Let her keep flirting with Ruto and leave our governor alone'

In Summary

• Joho’s foot soldiers promise to invade Malindi MP's backyard and mobilise women against her

• They say Jumwa has become too disrespectful and she should be taught "a lesson she will never forget"

MCAs Milka Moraa (nominated), Hamida Nur (nominated), Faith Mwende (Kipevu) and Fatma Kushe (nominated) outside the assembly buildings in Mombasa.
THE JOHO BRIGADE: MCAs Milka Moraa (nominated), Hamida Nur (nominated), Faith Mwende (Kipevu) and Fatma Kushe (nominated) outside the assembly buildings in Mombasa.

Governor Hassan Joho’s foot soldiers are up in arms against Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa for claiming that he is always "high on something" when he speaks.

The Joho Brigade, made up of eight MCAs, intends to "teach her a lesson she will never forget".

Brigade leader Fatma Kushe said they will soon be heading to Malindi “to storm her office and demand a public apology from her. She has bitten the hand that fed her.”

The nominated MCA said they will mobilise Malindi women against Jumwa.

Last Saturday, Jumwa, a diehard lieutenant of Deputy President William Ruto,  said in reference to the governor, “That man in Mombasa, whom we don’t understand, speaks things. When you hear Joho speaking don’t take him seriously. Sometimes he speaks under influence of things they take.”

This angered The Joho Brigade who told the Malindi legislator that she cannot play in the same league with the governor.

Fatma, who is serving her second term, said “Joho is looking at the presidency and we will push him to that seat. He has no time for people like Jumwa who is in our league. The things that Joho takes are the same ones that she takes”.

Milka Moraa, another nominated MCA, said Jumwa must respect the governor for all he has done for her.

“Let her keep flirting with Ruto and leave our governor alone. Her waist is tired and Joho does not need it.” Moraa was referring to what  Jumwa once told a crowd in South Coast that "my waist has its own function," sparking a furore among women at the Coast.

The Malindi MP has vowed to fight the Mombasa governor whom she blames for her tribulations in ODM. The party recently expelled her for flirting with Ruto, the No 2 in Jubilee, the governing party.

On Saturday, she said: “When you see a married man jumping up and down, know that he has a problem.” She was responding to ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna’s likening of her to an unfaithful married woman due to her flirtation with Ruto while still in ODM.

The Joho Brigade was up in arms, with Fatma and nominated MCA Hamida Nur telling her, “If you do not stay with one man, you should not spoil the image of respectful women, especially from the Coast, who are loyal to their partners.” 

Nur said Jumwa "got herself expelled due to her greed and she should not blame other people.” 

The Joho Brigade will be digging for her development track record to see what they can use to turn Malindi people against her.

“She only knows how to speak on podia. She rarely speaks in Parliament,” Fatma said.