Police use new tactics to end violence in Kisauni

Kisauni OCPD Sangura Musee on June 13 last year. /FILE
Kisauni OCPD Sangura Musee on June 13 last year. /FILE

Police have received rare accolades for efforts to restore peace and control murders in Kisauni area.

Across-the-board crime rates and runaway murder cases have plummeted this month, a sharp contrast of string of killings which that gained notoriety towards end of 2018.

Police measure that increased public engagements on matters of crime and increased police patrols have worked magic.

Since January this year, only one killing has been publicly reported so far.

Shee Hassan, 25, was shot dead by police in Barsheba on Tuesday, the only one controversial death has been reported in Kisauni in the month of January.

Police say he was in their most wanted list.

The 29-day stretch without a murder is the longest period Kisauni has experienced in the last three months of 2018.

“We are happy with the results,” said Kisauni OCPD Sangura Musee while speaking to the Star yesterday.

Musee revealed that to control the killings, police marked crime-prone and non-prone crimes areas.

Both Kisauni and Nyali sub-counties were then divided into 12 police sectors.

Each sector was allocated not less than five police officers.

Ground patrol police were then deployed in the marked crime-prone areas were vehicle patrols were done in less crime-prone areas, Musee said.

New regional police commander Marcas Ocholla said that Kisauni was one of his priority areas in the Coast.

“They must realize their time is up. I’m going to deal with gangs in Kisauni with the seriousness it deserves,” said Marcus on his second day in office on January 15th.

He assured that Kisauni gangs will be a thing of the past after police rolled out new policies and tactics to curb increased homicide cases.

He was speaking exclusively to the Star during his second day in office as the Coast regional police boss after his appointment on January 15.

Residents hope the prevailing situation will persist.