Clean-up for Malindi as festival draws near

WE’LL DO IT: Some of the cleaning equipme Photo/Alphonce Gari
WE’LL DO IT: Some of the cleaning equipme Photo/Alphonce Gari

Malindi town on Thursday received cleaning materials worth more than Sh5 million ahead of the fifth Malindi Multi Cultural Festival to be held on April 18 to 20.

The materials, bought from the CDF kitty and the National Oil Company, will be used in a major cleaning programme in the town which started yesterday. They were delivered at the Malindi Museums.

The materials include plastic dumping tanks, rakes, wheel barrows and brooms.

Swaleh Ghazal, the senior curator at the museum, said the materials will help make the town attractive.

Speaking in his office he said dust bins will be placed in strategic positions to ensure cleanliness. “The cleanliness programme will boost tourism industry in our town. Tourists do not like a dirty environment and through this initiative, everyone will enjoy a healthy life,’’ he said.

Ghazal said plans for the festival are complete and they expect more than 200,000 people to attend. He said there will be a leso exhibition and princess hando contest among other cultural activities.

The chairman of the clean up organising committee Dickson Chilango told journalists they will clean Malindi town on Friday (yesterday) and focus on Malindi Sub County Hospital on Saturday.

“We expect all Coast MPs to participate in the event and more than 2000 other residents from schools, NGOs and Community Based Organisations,’’ he said.

Chilango said five schools have promised to dispatch 500 pupils while 20 CBOs will bring 500 members to participate in the clean up. He said the other 1000 will come from the business community, NGOs and other stakeholders.

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