Fight over Ruto's 2027 running mate will bring confusion - politician

Nyoro has publicly declared his support for Ruto and Gachagua

In Summary
  • Politicians asked to drop their personal interest and put their electorates first.
  • Nyoro declares he supports Ruto and Gachagua's government, thus scattering the much lobbied move by a section of leaders that he should be selected to deputise President William Ruto in his second term.
Former Kiambu county Kanu chairman David Mbiu with county secretary John Karanja in Limuru town
Former Kiambu county Kanu chairman David Mbiu with county secretary John Karanja in Limuru town

Mt Kenya politicians have been urged strengthen their unity in order to benefit from the Kenya Kwanza government.

Kiambu county Kanu secretary John Karanja, who is also Limuru constituency chairman, has urged leaders to unite and work as a team.

He said the fight over who should be President William Ruto's running mate in 2027 will bring confusion in the region. 

"Our leaders should unite, they should not put their interests first. They might mislead the region's voters and scatter its respected population voting block" Karanja said.

He said the running mate debates are a show of disrespect to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Some leaders in the region, led by Murng'a Senator Joe Nyutu, have started lobbying for Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro to be Ruto's running mate in 2027.

Nyutu, who made the remarks two weeks ago, said Ruto needs to change his running mate, if he wants to be re-elected.

Karanja said the leaders should support one another and lobby for development.

He said other regions such as Western, Nyanza, Coast, Eastern and Nairobi were not discussing the DP position but were lobbying for development.

"Elections are very far away. We have several years before then and many events are bound to take place. Our leaders should unit and lobby for development together," Karanja said.

He urged Mt Kenya residents to take advantage of being in power and ensure the government delivers its campaign promises.

Nyutu spoke on Thursday during a Kanu meeting in Limuru town.

Nyutu praised Nyoro for publicly declaring his support for Ruto and Gachagua.

"The President and his deputy still have a few years in office. These other leaders will also have a chance to serve the country," he said. 

"Kenyans need jobs, an improved and affordable economy, good trade and health infrastructure and not such politics."

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