Steel rolling company allays residents' fears its smoke is harmful

Firm says the smoke it produces is treated and purified by the latest technology

In Summary
  • Palak Steel Mills Limited says they procured latest technology of releasing smoke.
  • Residents says that they fear contracting lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.
Palak Steel Mills Limited administrator Patrick Masila at his office.
Palak Steel Mills Limited administrator Patrick Masila at his office.

A steel rolling company has dispelled fears that its activities in a village in Kiambu county may cause residents to contract respiratory diseases.

Palak Steel Mills Limited says the smoke it produces is not harmful, as they are treated and purified by the latest technology.

PSML administrator Patrick Masila said the smoke seen billowing from the chimney of Kwa Mathore in Lari subcounty plant is harmless as it is treated using the Stack Emissions method.

Masila said the method is the latest technology being used by upcoming companies where smoke released is treated to ensure it does not leave a negative effect to human beings, plants and other living organisms’ living around the factory.

“While we were opening the company, we knew some of the impacts and effects that may be felt. We had to look for the best method of wasting smoke since it has to be emitted,” he said.

“We care about the community living around the company and we feel as part of them.  We didn’t and even today we don’t want to hear people living around, including ourselves working in the company, suffering” he said.

He was reacting to letters and reports from residents who had written to them asking them to stop their operations until the issue of the smoke they release is addressed by them, the public and the government.

A resident Paul Njenga said they fear developing coughing, sneezing and other respiratory disease if they continue inhaling air mixed with the smoke from the plant.

“We fear if this issue is not addressed, we might start hearing cases of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases,” Njenga said.

Another resident Annie Njeri urged the National Environment Authority and environmental government departments to keep inspecting the company.

However, Masila  said the Kwa Mathore plant has been in existence for more than six years and they are normally inspected by Nema, Water Resource Management Authority, Kiambu county government’s health department and other government departments so that they ensure the smoke released is safe.

He explains that, stack emission method involves releasing gases into the air from boiler which has undergone several stages of clearing and removing and burning the harmful gases before releasing it into the environment.

“There is nothing to worry about the gases released from our plant. We are normally inspected so that whatever is released is safe. The government has been very keen on ensuring safety of people and environment. We have been issued with clearance certificates too” Masila said.





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