Gachagua orders crackdown on 24hr clubs in Mt Kenya region

The DP now wants only one bar and restaurant allowed to operate in a particular town.

In Summary

Rigathi said only one bar and restaurant should be allowed in a particular town.

  • He asked county governments in the Mt. Kenya region to swing into action saying alcoholism is destroying local men.
Deputy President RIgathi Gachagua
Deputy President RIgathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has ordered administrators in the Mt. Kenya region to reduce the number of alcohol-selling outlets.

The Deputy President has expressed concerns over the rising levels of alcoholism in the region that he has said has destroyed men of productive age.

He said though county governments are looking for ways to boost their revenue, licensing too many bars has aggravated the situation as it has made alcoholic drinks too accessible.

The DP now wants only one bar and restaurant allowed to operate in a particular town while the rest of the outlets open at 5 pm and close at 11 pm.

“I want to request county governments from the Mt. Kenya region, please put your houses in order. I know you’re looking for revenue to build roads but if all our people are destroyed, who will use them?” he wondered.

He said the sale of alcohol throughout the day will not be allowed and instructed county commissioners and their teams to ‘swing into action and save the next generation’.

He warned administrators against allowing illicit brews to be consumed in their areas saying that those who fail to tame the vice will have to face him.

 “We have a problem as a community. I have to say this because you know I always speak the truth. Our people will be destroyed by alcohol and we sit back and watch. We will not allow a situation where our children are destroyed by illicit brews when there are police officers and administrators."

Gachagua further appealed to parents and elders to avail time to talk to the youth and provide guidance.

Gachagua said this at Ihura stadium in Murang’a county while attending a bursary issuance event sponsored by governor Irungu Kang’ata where he donated Sh1 million to go towards supporting orphans.

Earlier, Murang’a County Commissioner Karuku Ngumo had raised similar concerns saying youthful men and women have been overindulging in alcohol

“We have done a lot of work to fight illicit brews, the challenge is the substandard alcohol that is certified by the relevant government agents. That has made the fight very difficult."

The county, he said, has over 2,200 licensed bars saying he has liaised with the governor to have licenses that allow outlets to operate for 24 hours revoked.

Bars established in people’s compounds without a change of use will also be closed down saying such outlets encourage alcoholism in the villages.

“Years ago, bars used to be in centres alone. One had to decide whether to go drink or not. I am however lucky that I have a cooperative governor,” he added.

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