Kiambu MPs want 'one man one vote one shilling' formula

MPs scold senators, call for a debate and referendum if they cannot agree so country can move on

In Summary

• Limuru MP Mwathi and his Lari MP Mburu condemn Senate for twice postponing debate, call for sober debate so country can move on.

• They called for a referendum, support population as basis for allocation. 

Limuru MP Peter Mwathi and Lari MP Jonah Mburu speaking to journalists.
KIAMBU MPs: Limuru MP Peter Mwathi and Lari MP Jonah Mburu speaking to journalists.

Kiambu MPs have proposed a referendum to adopt a 'one man, one vote, one shilling' for sharing revenue among the 47 counties.

They said it appears the Senate has not understood what it really means or is not ready to pass the motion.

Limuru MP Peter Mwathi and his Lari counterpart Jonah Mburu condemned the Senate delays in debating the formula. They called for sober debate so the country can move on.

The said the formula will ensure equity and fairness because the money will be distributed proportionally in a major breakthrough in realising meaningful devolution.

Early last week, senators could not agree on the formula,  ing the debate to be postponed for a second time.

The delay in passing the allocation bill means county governmens will wait longer before receiving their allocation from the Treasury.

Speaking last Friday at Rukuma during the funeral of Lari subcounty community policing chairman Peter Kiugu, the legislators said senators were making residents suffer since many projects had stalled.

Fighting the spread of the coronavirus might also be affected, they said.

“The senators must know county governments were playing a major role in controlling the spread of Covid-19. It's about the numbers in a county, it's simple, there's no politics, the Lari MP said.

“If it is too difficult, a referendum should be held. It will only require people being taught what the formula is. I am sure they will vote for it,” Mburu added.

Mwathi said the recent leadership changes in the Senate and in the National Assembly had driven a political wedge between members. Bills, such as this one on revenue, are likely to be hurt, he said.

“All we need is the adoption of a one man, one vote, one shilling formula. We shall feel well catered for. If they dol not approve it, we want the public to be involved through a referendum. There is no joke here,” Mwathi said.

Some senators and MPs are opposed to the formula of sharing revenue based on  the number of county residents, saying the move will erode the gains of devolution in marginalised areas.

(Edited by V. Graham)