Sabina Chege: I was never De' Mathew's lover

Chege said she did not sire a child with the benga maestro as had been claimed.

In Summary

• Chege said she met De Mathew when she was a broad caster when she met him and they became friends.

• She said they shot the video for the song 'Njata Yakwa' as a way of improving his earnings at a time when musicians were not making any money from their sales.

Murang'a woman representative Sabina Chege. /FILE
Murang'a woman representative Sabina Chege. /FILE

Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege, has denied having an affair with fallen artiste John De' Mathew.

While addressing hundreds of mourners gathered in Murang'a during De' Mathew's send off, Chege said she did not sire a child with the benga maestro as had been claimed.

"Wale ambao mlisema nina mtoto na De' Mathew, mngemuona hapa na mmewaona watoto wake wote,” Sabina said.


Those who said I have a kid with the late De' Mathew, you would have seen the kid here, but you have all seen his children, Sabina said.

She added that the gossip might have been spearheaded by her political rivals who wanted to tarnish her public reputation.

Chege has said she met De' Mathew when she was a broadcaster with a local radio station and the musician was just budding.


She said musicians then were struggling to make money out of their sales and that they came up with an idea to shoot a video for his new song to help him make an extra buck.

Chege acted as De' Mathew’s video vixen in the song ‘Njata Yakwa’ (My Star) in the 90’s.

Chege said she has hustled a lot in her past to make ends meet and even played roles in a TV drama show dubbed 'Tausi' that ran on the national broadcaster.

“It is in my work that I met De' Mathew. Broadcasters play musicians’ music and I believe I speak for them all when I say we have lost a friend,” she said.


She said De' Mathew’s seven children had been introduced during the burial service and hers were not there.

“I have never been his lover. Some have taken the opportunity to soil my name. They have printed my name on front pages,” she said.


“Those writing those things about me should know that despite being a politician, I am a mother,” Chege added.

Sabina urged people behind the gossip to bear in their minds about the impact that they might have to the late De' Mathews family.

"Please know that John De' Mathew has a family. A part from being in politics, I am also a mother and I also have my family and I demand my respect," Sabina added.