Let nobody come between us, De Mathew's wives say

In Summary

• The two wives said they have always lived together as family but that some people have been trying to incite conflict between them.

• They said their family is now stronger and will continue to live in the harmony that he left them with.

Family of John De'Mathew joined by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto during the burial of the late musician.
Family of John De'Mathew joined by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto during the burial of the late musician.
Image: PSCU

The two wives of fallen musician John De Mathew have asked people to stop trying to incite conflicts between them.

While giving her tribute to her husband, the elder wife, Sabina Wairimu, said they lived together in harmony with the musician and that nobody should try to divide them now that he is gone.

Wairimu said their children have grown up together as siblings and are always in communication even without their knowledge.


“Our children, nobody can differentiate them but there is always going to be a few people trying to incite them. I want to say that you have no say,” she said.

She noted that sometimes De Mathew would go to her house only to not find his favourite shirt and she would have to call her co-wife to ask if it was in her house.

“I was not alone, I have a friend, De Mathew’s second wife and I am asking that nobody tries to come between us,” she added.

She said their family is now stronger than ever, noting that though her co-wife Caroline Waithera came after her, she knew she had prepared their husband for her.

She asked all to respect Waithera, pledging to continue supporting the family from where the musician had left.

“Caroline, don’t cry. I will become the man in the family this time,” she said.

Waithera on her part said despite their short time together, the musiciam had managed to turn her into the strong woman she is today.


She said De Mathew fought for her, pampered her and moulded himself into the perfect husband for her.

“You gifted me with so many gifts, the most precious of them being our children. Thank you for allowing the world to call me a mother,” she said, noting that she will miss his voice which she said was her favorite.

She said she will try her best to be their children’s father as he had taught her to when he was away.

Tyrese Thiiru, his son said the death was a big blow and shocking to him saying he had never imagined losing his father this soon.

He said his advice still rings in his ears and pledged to follow them his entire life.

Everline Waithera said her father would call them for a meeting just to see the entire family together.

She said her dad was a peaceful man who was always happy.

Tracy Wanjiku on her part said their dad would write a song for the family just to let them know how much he loved them.

Wanjiku said three days to his death, she had a dream of her father involved in an accident that caused fire to engulf his car.

Wanjiku said she did not know that her dream would come true two days later and claim his life so suddenly.

“In my heart, I will always love you and never forget you. The memories we shared together, I will keep them in my heart,” she said.

“When I came to your home, you took care of my needs and supported me,” she tearfully said.

Jane Waithera, his daughter and Evans Mburu, his brother, gave their tributes in form of songs.