Man stones mum to death over 'too many questions'

He is said to have recovered a motorcycle impounded by police, mother asked him how he would useunregistered vehicle it when 'it is not registered'

In Summary

• Suspect said to have taken his son from his mother, become irritated when told 'it is not right to take a child from its mother.' 

• He is said to have hit his mother with a blunt object on the head before stoning her. 

Neighbours at the home of Sarah Wambui who was stoned to death by her son on June 9
Neighbours at the home of Sarah Wambui who was stoned to death by her son on June 9

A 31-year-old man Murang'a man allegedly stoned his mother to death on Sunday evening after she asked him how he had retrieved a  motorcycle from the police.

Witnesses said 53-year-old Sarah Wambui, a widow and mother of four, came home to Kibuku village in Maragua subcounty around 6pm. She was accompanied by her sister and found her son Anthony Mburu with his young son.

Wambui is said to have asked about a motorcycle Mburu allegedly took back from the police.

The motorcycle had been taken to the police station following a scuffle over payment to another man. Wambui's mother asked how he had managed to get it.

He said he had reached an agreement with police but Wambui questioned how he would use it without registration.

This is said to have angered Mburu who told his mother to be quiet and leave him alone.

“I interrupted and asked him where his son’s mother was and he said he wanted to take him from her; when I told him it was wrong to take a child from its mother, he asked why we were ganging up against him, so we left,” the deceased’s sister, Mary Waithera, said.

She had barely returned to her nearby home when she heard screams and ran back, finding her sister in a pool of blood.

Waithera said Mburu has been suffering from mental instability and has been taking medication to control it.

Another neighbour said she heard the deceased’s granddaughter screaming and rushed to the home to find Mburu hitting Wambui's head with an object. She was lying on the ground, the witness said. 


“I asked him why he had attacked his mother and he turned against me and hit me once on the head with the same object,” the neighbour said.

She then ran towards the road screaming and asked two men she ran into to rescue Wambui.

“But when we came back, we found that Wambui had been stoned to death,” she said.

Murang’a South OCPD said the suspect was arrested and investigations were underway.


(Edited by R.Wamochie)