Limuru residents decry insecurity as man's body is found dumped

Police say gang has been profiled and will be apprehended soon.

In Summary

• Limuru deputy county commissioner urge residents to report cases to police for better investigation strategies.

Residents of Gitogothi village in Limuru at the scene where the body of a man was found dumped on Monday April 13, 2019
IN SHOCK: Residents of Gitogothi village in Limuru at the scene where the body of a man was found dumped on Monday April 13, 2019

Limuru residents have decried rising robbery and muggings after the body of a man was found dumped in a thicket at Gitogothi village n Monday.

Residents of Kwambira, Mutarakwa and Gitogothi villages said they are robbed and mugged even during the day. The robbers appear to know their victims because "they call them by name and ask for their cooperation."

Simon Njoroge said victims chose not to report the cases because they fear the gangs might attack them at their homes at night in retaliation.

“Can you imagine a gang robs of money, mobile phone while calling out your name. You look at them and see strangers, can you report such people?” Njoroge said.

Selina Njeri said the muggers were so daring that they attack even during the day in areas like Biashara street at Kwambira and Kimirithu villages.

"Even when someone screams for help, no one dares to respond to the distress call," Njeri said.

They spoke at the scene where the body was found.

Limuru deputy county commissioner David Kiprop said detectives suspect the man was killed somewhere else and the body dumped in the area.

Kiprop said very few murder cases were reported from the villages.


“That is an isolated case. We have not heard a murder case in the area. We suspect that this person was murdered somewhere else and his body dropped there,” Kiprop said.

He admitted there were cases of stealing, mugging and robbery by a gang that operates from neighbouring Kabete and Kikuyu constituencies.

“We have profiled these characters and we shall apprehend them soon. Their days are numbered.”

The administrator urged residents to volunteer information to police. He said police would like to know how the villagers are mugged and robbed so they lay better strategies to deal with the criminals.

“We have intensified day and night patrols in those villages. We're urging residents to report cases to my office, the office of the OCS, subcounty police commander for investigations," he said.

Edited by P. Obuya