Boys to be taught the need to support girls during menses

Education ministry and Nyeri Woman rep issue free sanitary towels to 56,852 girls

In Summary

• Woman rep says girls miss classes during their period due to lack of sanitary towels. 

• Educating boys will end the stigma that comes with the monthly process. 

Nyeri Woman Representative Rahab Mukami and Education ministry official Nelly Mwangi in Nyeri town on Tuesday
SISTERS' KEEPERS: Nyeri Woman Representative Rahab Mukami and Education ministry official Nelly Mwangi in Nyeri town on Tuesday

The Ministry of Education and the office of Nyeri Woman Representative will educate boys on the importance of supporting girls during menstruation.

Nelly Mwangi from the Education ministry said there is a need to ensure boys are on board.

“They may not receive sanitary towels because biologically they cannot receive it (menstruation) but we need the support of the boy child in ensuring that as much as the girl may stain her dress, he is there to support her to move on,” Mwangi said.

She spoke yesterday when she and Woman Representative Rahab Mukami gave out sanitary towels to learners at Dedan Kimathi Stadium in Nyeri town. Some 56,852 girls will benefit. 

Mwangi said most boys laugh at girls who stain their clothes causing them anguish. This can only be addressed by educating the boys it as a way of life. They will also appreciate what the girls go through and protect them during their menses. 

"Some go around laughing and broadcasting that a particular girl stained her dress," she said.

Mwangi represented the county director of Education and the county Teachers Service Commission director.

The sanitary towels were from the national government.

Mukami said some learners from needy families have been unable to attend classes three to four days every month during their menses. 

The sanitary towels will benefit pupils from Standard 6 to 8 in 387 primary and 192 secondary schools in the county. Each of them received four packets to last a term. 


The Woman rep said an evaluation will be conducted after the launch to ensure the towels reach every child.

“Each of the learners will fill up and sign an S1 form that she has received the four towels with our coordinators in every ward ensuring that the towels get to every child,” the woman rep said. 

This, the legislator said, will help improve learning in schools as the girls will attend classes throughout the month.

The towels will also be given to girls in special schools.

 “If the girl is on her period for three or four days, then they miss classes for that time per month which is between nine to 12 days per term on average,” Mukami said.

The distribution of the pads, she said, will help children to access education and retention in schools as well as boost their hygiene.

She added that without clean sanitary towels, the girls face high chances of getting an infection which makes them spend more time out of school seeing a doctor. 

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