Busia launches plan against violent extremism

Beware of outsiders with ulterior motives, train patriotic youth.

In Summary

• Governor blames unemployment for the radicalisation of youth. 

• Advises residents against allowing aliens with ulterior motives into the country. 

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong./FILE
Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong./FILE

Busia has launched its Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism.

Few details have been divulged.

Governor Sospeter Ojaamong called the plan a good move to protect the nation against insecurity.


Speaking during the Busia Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism meeting at a  hotel on Monday, Ojaamong said unemployment has led the youth into "all manner of activities".

County and national governments should work together and eradicate extremist ideologies, Ojamoong said.

The plan aims to deny terrorist groups opportunities to radicalise and recruit in Kenya. "This can be achieved through training youths to be patriotic," he said.

Ojaamong said Busia, which borders Uganda, has not encountered any terrorism. But he advised residents against allowing "aliens who have ulterior motives" into the country. 

The governor promised to work closely with the county commissioner to achieve a harmonious, secure and multi-ethnic society.

He said the national government has transferred many sensitive functions like health, roads and ECDE to counties that have very little money.

"We pray the intergovernmental relations will solve this challenge, otherwise, many people will fear to run for govrnor for fear of bashing from residents," Ojamoong said.


County commissioner Jacob Narengo said that although security is a national government function, countering violent extremism starts from the grassroots.

If things get out of hand due to terrorism, it will affect all county residents, thus, the need to keep off activities that are bound to tear the country asunder,” he said. 

(Edited by R.Wamochie)