1,000 Budalang'i pupils could miss school over toilets

Health officer Wesonga orders St Jude Thadeus to fix the problem or the institution will be closed

In Summary

• The fate of the 1, 000 pupils at the school now hang in the balance since the school had not started building the new toilets, only nine days to the deadline.

• Inspection report showed that three of the seven latrines for boys are almost full and neither have doors nor urinal.

More than 1,000 pupils of a primary school in Budalang’i may not resume classes when schools re-open in two weeks owing to dirty toilets.

The public health department had directed St Jude Thadeus Budalang’i Primary School to improve hygiene.

Subcounty public health officer Violet Wesonga had on March 25 given the school a notice to build new toilets in 30 days or risk closure. Only nine days are left to the deadline.

She had told the school to have 18 boys' latrines fitted with doors and 21 for girls.  The school was also required to build urinals. 

An inspection report showed that three of the seven latrines for boys are almost full and neither of the have doors.

Girls have eight pit latrines and six are almost full.  The school does not have a place for pupils to wash their hands whenever they visit the latrines, according to the report.

Wesonga further asked the institution to give the dilapidated classrooms a facelift.

 “There are no leak tins for hand washing provided by the school therefore sanitary facilities are not clean. The management of the school is strongly advised to implement the stated recommendations with 30 days from the date of this report,” reads the inspection report in part.

The community is now asking political leadership in the area to come to the rescue of the pupils.

Samson Midi, a member of the board of management said,  “I am pleading with Budalang’i community to come to the rescue of the more than 1,000 learners before the school is closed."

Bunyala North MCA Fred Musirimba told parents and pupils the matter will be addressed before the school opens.

“It is embarrassing, but we are going to address the matter before pupils resume learning for the second term,” he said.

Edited by Pamela Wanambisi