Swedish fintech partners with local payments provider


Swedish fintech company with services in Kenya Okapi East Africa has announced a partnership with tech company Eclectics International, in a move they say will enable them reach customers at the bottom of the pyramid.

“The partnership with Okapi goes a long way to reach out to the bottom of the pyramid by enabling them to do cashless transaction across their own ecosystem as well as be able to remit money across between themselves person to person,person to business,business to person,” said Eclectics CEO Paul Mbugua in a statement.

Among their projects for the year are plans to introduce international remittance services from Europe and China, after a successful two year market presence.

This move is to give African traders importing goods from China an efficient way to make payments in real time to Chinese exporters which would eliminate current payment difficulties.

The money transmitting service enables transaction and transfer of money, payment of bills, shopping and insurance payments.

Okapi has presence in Kenya, Botswana, Nigeria,DRC, Senegal and Zimbabwe