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Kadaina Island to get electricity

Fishermen at work at Watamu in the Indian Ocean /ALPHONCE GARI
Fishermen at work at Watamu in the Indian Ocean /ALPHONCE GARI

Fishermen in remote Kadaina Island in Kilifi North are optimistic of better business after Italian investors volunteered to connect electricity to the village with over 1000 people.

Majority of the locals depend on fishing but have difficulties selling their catch due to lack of freezer storage facilities within the island. Kadaina can only be accessed by boat from Watamu or Matsangoni area. It borders Mida Creek.

The fishermen cross the island in canoes at night to sell their catch in Uyombo or Matsangoni. The fish would rot if they stay overnight at the Island.

The donors, a couple Guido Bertoni and Valentino Bertoni, and a friend Elizabetha decided to fund the electricity project to enable a number of institutions get power.

Bertoni and his wife established Marafiki Primary and secondary schools, Kadaina dispensary and Thoya oya children’s home foundation with 74 vulnerable children.

The donors have already paid Sh3.2 million. First they installed solar panel but due to the demand for power at the hospital, schools and the children’s home to enable the locals access education and health easily they have now opted to

supply electricity.

It will also improve education as pupils

will be able to study at night. However, access to the island is still a major challenge as the residents require a board walk from the mainland, estimated to cost Sh60 million. “The donors built the primary, Secondary and the hospital together with the children’s home we ask the government to construct the board walk,’’ he said.