Why you will be better off applying flame-retardant paint

Shrinal Hitesh Patel, interior designer at Crown Paints Kenya.
Shrinal Hitesh Patel, interior designer at Crown Paints Kenya.

For an outstanding finish in your home, you need to use outstanding products. At the same time, you need products that enhance safety in built environments.

Recently, we launched a flame retardant paint – Crown Timonox, which is a flame-retardant substrate – to not only give a superb finish every time it is applied, but also reduce the speed of fire spread significantly.

The new paint halts the spread of fire by slowing the reaction, thereby buying occupants the precious time for evacuation in case of fire outbreak. This painter-friendly solution thus helps save lives.

Timonox acts as a decorative coating applied on walls and ceilings. It is specially formulated for use on non-combustible and previously painted non-combustible surfaces.

The paint is water-based and solvent-free thus providing an ideal coating solution for ethical consumers who are looking out for safe and decorative products.

It is available in more than 700 shades which can be applied on the walls and ceilings of corridors, stairways, kitchens, parking garages and other communal areas that form part of a circulation area or fire escape route in various properties.

Building owners have a duty of care to achieve and maintain conditions in buildings that reduce the risk of injury, loss of life and damage to property in the event of fire.

In addition, conventional paints are not formulated to slow down the spread of flames in the event of fire, hence why building owners should turn to use of this flame-retardant paint.

It goes without saying that we all should believe in transforming lifestyles by using world-class coating solutions in design, whilst caring for the environment and community.

Hitesh Patel is an interior designer working with Crown Paints Kenya Ltd.

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