Hotels in Naivasha record impressive bookings

Tens of revellers head to the town for the festive season

In Summary
  •  Some hotels have increased their staff
  • Naivasha proximity to Nairobi has helped increase number of visitors
The newly opened Nest Boutique Hotel in Naivasha located along Moi South Lake Road. / GEORGE MURAGE
Hotels The newly opened Nest Boutique Hotel in Naivasha located along Moi South Lake Road. / GEORGE MURAGE
Image: George Murage

Hotels in Naivasha have recorded over 60 percent booking as the festive season kicked off a major achievement compared to last year when bookings were below ten percent due to Covid-19.

Unlike last year when job losses and closed gates were the order of the day, the hoteliers are sprucing up their facilities despite the current economic challenges facing Kenyans.

Last year when the country was trying to recover from the pandemic, tens of hotels were closed down and hundreds of workers were sent home due to the curfew and closure of bars and eateries.

A spot checks in some of the leading hotels that include Lake Naivasha Resort, Enashipai, Sawela, Sopa, Eseriani, Nest Boutique, Heritage among others established that bookings were high.

According to the proprietor of Lake Naivasha Resort Rahab Mwihaki, business was better this year compared to last year.

She termed 2020 as the darkest period for the hospitality industry due to the pandemic that saw many hoteliers close business.

“The bookings this year are impressive and we are looking forward to hosting all manner of guests including those seeking places to spend the night, swimming and other services,” she said.

Mwihaki added that they had placed all the necessary health and security measures following the rise in cases of Covid-19.

On his part, the CEO Nest Boutique Ronnie Muraya noted that there was a change in fortune for the sector which was yet to fully recover from the pandemic.

He said that many of their guests were keen on meals and drinks before traveling back to their homes due to the harsh economic times.

“The harsh economic times have affected many of the families who are expected to be paying school fees in a couple of weeks but the numbers are still impressive,” he said.

On security, Naivasha deputy county commissioner Mutua Kisilu said that a multi-agency team had been formed to patrol the town and its suburbs.

He said that prison, NYS and KWS officers would be used in the patrols with the number of visitors expected to shoot up over the weekend and during New Year.

“Naivasha has turned out to be the second Coast and we want to assure our visitors that their security has been taken care of while on a tour of this town,” he said.